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    8 Games that We'd Like to See Remastered

    The only game on this list I agree with is X-Wing / TIE Fighter. +1, +2, +3 -- heck, + everything. There are so many great games that now won't even run on Windows any more or that are unplayable by modern standards. Just look at the old FPS games without mouse look -- anyone up for a...
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    Poll: Playstation Plus users, What did you vote for this month?

    Voted for Grow Home. Zombie Vikings doesn't appeal to me at all and I can't tell what kind of game Armello is. The trailer, previews, and screenshots are all too confusing.
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    Windows 10 Won't Run Certain Games With Securom or SafeDisc

    Not sure about 3, lost my disk for it ages ago. San Andreas and IV (disk) use SecuROM though so probably 3 did as well. To be truthful later versions of SecuROM (7 and up IIRC) weren't as harmful as previous ones or the likes of Starforce and Safedisk, but it's still cancer. Take Two is...
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    Windows 10 Won't Run Certain Games With Securom or SafeDisc

    \ It's the "checking if the disk is in the drive" that is the problem. Digital Restrictions Management like SecuROM basically acts like a Ring0 rootkit and demands full hardware access, which is also why SecuROM and Starforce were able to physically damage drives and disks: their crap...
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    Scientists Agree: Octopuses Are Intelligent, and Might Think Like Us

    Well, nobody suspects a thing about Octodad... I don't dispute Octopodes may be intelligent, but sentient? The more we learn about animals (and even plants, according to some), the more we realise that they are far more capable than was once thought. Magpies use tools, some species of ants...
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    Few Would Play Star Wars Battlefront Single-Player Campaign, Says EA COO

    It is obvious to me that EA's entire business model is built around online play these days. The problem they face is that the majority simply does not want to play multiplayer, they want a good singeplayer experience. Singeplayer gamers are not what EA wants. They will only buy the base game...
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    Non-Player Counselor: Megaman Hates Kickstarter

    Ditto here! I was fully expecting Mr Fan of Egypt to appear there. Good episode overall. Nice dig on the shady Kickstarter business, and I liked the take on MM's new "power".
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    Poll: Assassin's Creed: Are you an assassin or a templar?

    Control over anarchy any day. I make my own luck.
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    Report: Bill Murray Will Appear in Ghostbusters Reboot

    I really hope Ghostbustiers will bomb. I would've accepted a sequel, or a side-story, but to claim it's a reboot and then make it women only is just insulting. How inclusive. As for Bill Murray, eh. Eeeeeh. He needs someone like Dan Akroyd to play off against otherwise he's just the...
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    Fantastic Four - Fantastic Failure

    Since I have no intention to go watch this trainwreck, can someone who did tell me what the explanation is for Susan Storm's brother being a "brother" in this version? The in-universe reason, not the real one (which was of course just pandering). Edit: n/m, Wikipedia updated. So she's...
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    European Commission Seeks to End Regional Pricing on Digital Purchases

    Ugh. Just what we need... German prices and German censorship laws across all of Europe because the (non-elected, non-democratic) EC wants to force Ein Volk, Ein Union, Ein Euro?
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    ZombiU Port Confirmed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

    Abandon ship! The third party "exclusives" are escaping the sinking SS Nintendo fast. I might pick this up, it did look interesting.
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    Non-Player Counselor: Mario F-ing Hates Wario

    I have no problems with the old style, the new one just is nicer. Giggle-worthy episode, from the boxy start right until the end. Always good to see Niko (Hey Niko, it's your cousin, why don't you take me bowling...)
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    The Terminator Offered as Pre-Order Bonus for WWE 2K16

    Sure, wasn't bad. Imagine something like Alien: Isolation in the Terminator-verse (disregarding the bad entries) though.
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    The Terminator Offered as Pre-Order Bonus for WWE 2K16

    I need your clothes, your boots, and your pre-orders. Kudos on Arnie for really bouncing back in acting. It may be idle hope, but I still want a good Terminator game... tell me a current gen take on it couldn't be awesome.