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    An Escapist Marriage Miracle

    Taco gave a great best man?s speech. Top tier. Would recommend.
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    Returning Members

    I miss psychictaco217. He was great. He made hilarious satire posts that were tastefully misogynistic.
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    What's the strangest thing to ever happen to your body/mind?

    I underwent surgery without pain medicine for like ten minutes. Adrenaline and violent shaking kicked in before any drugs did.
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    First time you remember respecting any actor...

    Never. I haven't ever really respected any of them as a rolemodel. That's not to say I don't like them, but there's none that I can think of that I've personally grown to respect. Unless you mean very specifically as an actor. In that case all the ones I like...
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    Poll: How many of you have your car's side mirrors set properly?

    There are still blindspots and weird problems with normal mirrors when you set them that way. I'm a technician for an autoparts supplier that makes and designs the blindzone mirrors and indicators for ford and other companies. You're right that setting them like fixes common problems though.
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    No, terrible. I can't believe you would even say that. Actually cold pizza is terrible. Everything from hot to roomtemp to chilly is fine, but cold? Absolutely not. What are you? A barbarian? Have you no shame Zontar? I thought better of you. OT: Yes. I'll take 2 larges please. Pepperoni and...
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    Next 5 Games You will buy new

    At least you have one you know. I can only think of one "maybe, but probably not" and that's Elder Scrolls VI. I'm pretty content with my collection now a days and unless I get news of the next metroid prime or mass effect 1 level of good, that probably won't change so much *shrugs*
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    Things you love/like and dislike/hate about the games you are currently playing...

    I was under the impression that that WAS the only real reason it was so well regarded. I mean the context gives the gameplay more oomph than it would have otherwise, but really it was just an ok Gears of War clone with pseudo RPG elements.
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    EA says no to forums, prefers controlled media like Twitter and Facebook to convey public opinion.

    I mean that's just most of society now. "Socratic dialogue" is a dead virtue. OT: Moderation and algorithms on some sites can be shady or have an unintended "chilling" effect on discussion, especially if its a controversial but necessary conversation to have. It's unfortunate, but paranoia...
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    Fan made Metroid 2 remake!?!

    Finally! I loved metroid 2 for a lot of reasons, but going back to it is painful. I have no idea how it managed to age worse than the first one but man did it ever. It'll be nice to play it in color with better graphics and hopefully controls, assuming Nintendo doesn't cry havoc and let slip the...
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    Do you have any written? If not, then maybe prioritize that part first eh? XD
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    I ain't owe no one nothin' Also you should visit Knifer with me for his wedding xD
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    Do We Protest Too Much?

    You'll become a rootless cosmopolitan. A mere peg wearing the clothes of a role whose only purpose is to serve as a cog in the soulless machine that is late stage capitalism. OT: Yes, but also no. It's not really a question of amount so much as quality, prioritization, and willingness to go...
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    Poll: Do you still play pokemon go?

    I thought it sounded terrible from the get go myself, so same here. I suppose it got some people off the couch at least... and others shot >.>