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    Have you ever wanted the bad guy to win?

    Do I ever want bad guys to win? ALL THE TIME! One word: MAGNETO!
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    The Big Picture: Don't Censor Me!

    I'm not american, I always thought people already know what censorship is. Live a year in china and you'll know exactly what is censorship and what isn't.
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    When and When Not to Stray from the Source

    I like changes but stick to the original moral of the story. For example, I could care less if Clark Kent was raise in a farm or downtown new york, or weather he's a journalist or stock broker as long at the idea of superman is someone that fight for justice and freedom. If they can spin a story...
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    Uncivil War: Quake - Speed Run Finale!

    It's not how you start, it's how you finish.
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review - Game Boy Advanced

    Can I still do a Melee build? once I can do a melee build I'll remain a happy camper. There is something very satisfying about bringing a knife to a gun fight.
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    Dragon Age is Back in a Big Way with Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Why do game developers insist on getting inspiration from distasteful things like inquisition, crusade and witchhunts? Are people really proud of that part of their history?
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    Watch The Jaw-Dropping Furious 7 Trailer Here

    Regardless if you think it's good or if you think it's bad, The F&F series have become something that you can't ignore.
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    Marvel Teases Return of Spider-Man's Marriage

    One thing I learn about american comics: death, marriage and divorce doesn't matter. That's why I switched to manga, american comics are just too convoluted. The quality of the art and stories depends too much on the current writers and artist of that year, and even then it's just rehash of...
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    This Week's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Mockingbird Vs. 'Whiplash'

    When will agents of shield get as good as the arrow or flash? Maybe I've just been spoiled by really good series that came before it like prison break, breaking bad and walking dead, but the series so far is just seems to be a bit above mediocre at best. Hell, even The 100 seems more interesting.
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    See That Avengers 2 Footage Shown During Agents Of Shield Right Here

    I still prefer Edward Norton, the new actor just doesn't works for me. First he's not puny, and he doesn't look like a scientist, but most importantly he's just forgettable.
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    Benedict Cumberbatch Will Be Marvel's Dr. Strange

    I loved his "shall we begin?" speech in ST into darkness and all his part in sherlock, I'm confident that even though I never read dr.strange and not a fan of "magic" stuff, Benedict will make me like the movie.
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    Constantine Is Faithful To The Comics, But To A Fault

    I must say, if the show is a faithful representation of the comic, wtf were people reading? It was so boring I turn it off half way through. We already have shows like this that's much more interesting like supernatural, we don't need this shit.
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    Gotham Introduces Super Powers and the World's Greatest Detective

    Is this series in the same universe as Arrow and Flash? I certainly hope not, it's pretty uninteresting so far.
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    Working Hoverboard Prototype Takes us Back to The Future

    Quantum levitation requires special surface too. Anti gravity engine is what we need.
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    Cooking for yourself

    If you're lazy, you can do a chinese style "hotpot". All you need is a soup base which sells in most supermarket, and thinly sliced meat.