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    And they're not. This is about leaks of trivial information that would've been released on their terms. At least if you believe Kotaku's story. It's about when this information is given to the public, not whether. There is no service done to the consumer here, by publishing information early...
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    This short passage is precisely why there was no reason whatsoever for Kotaku to publish the leaks. It's trivial information that we would've received on the terms of the source eventually. Kotaku chose not to respect that and instead publish it on their own terms. The result is a broken working...
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    I wrote a rather extensive twitlonger about this [] last night, but I'll put some of the relevant sections here as well: My response to the complaint that "all of a sudden GG doesn't want to talk about ethics anymore!!" is in there as well, and I...
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    App Store Pulling Games That Include the Confederate Flag - UPDATE

    Huh, let's start right there: And add a few more to it:
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    App Store Pulling Games That Include the Confederate Flag - UPDATE

    Oh, please. What this is, is bullying. "You're legally free to do what you want, but if you do we'll throw a tantrum until you stop!" No, I don't have a hard time seeing how someone could be offended by the flag. I do have a hard time seeing why offence should somehow be relevant regarding a...
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    App Store Pulling Games That Include the Confederate Flag - UPDATE

    Every single person who advocates for the banning of the Confederate flag loses all moral high ground against Germany when it comes to banning nazi symbolism. I want everyone who jumps to calling for things like burning the flag to carefully consider that. Banning historic symbolism is not...
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    Just Passing Through? Rogue Star Grazed Our Solar System Very Recently

    The gravitational effects of this event would be rather interesting. A binary star system making its way through the Oort cloud could explain a lot of impact events throughout our solar system (starting with (as someone mentioned - albeit in jest) another possible explanation for the...
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    Is Nintendo Back? Company Reports Unexpected Profits

    When Nintendo consoles get fucked over by AAA publishers all the time, you can't really blame Nintendo for keeping their games exclusive. If these publishers were putting some more effort into the Wii U, the Wii U would offer a large market share, and might even have yet more sales. But I guess...
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    Windows 10 Test Version Comes With its Own Keylogger - Update

    Data collection in a testing version of an OS? Terrible! Grab the pitchforks! Facebook? Still popular as ever. Google is still a constant visit. Chrome is surpassing Firefox. And your pretty anti-tracking browser extensions don't do jack shit against any of those. "Oh, but they can get my...
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    Report: Microsoft Skipped Windows 9 Due to Legacy Programming Conflicts

    While it kinda sounds like something programmers do (yeah ... we are damn lazy, but this is also a memory optimization thing), legacy software on Windows 9/10 should no longer be an issue. Half the software this would affect didn't run ever since Vista anyway, regardless of compatibility modes...
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    GamerGate's Image Problem

    Why does GamerGate need to fix the negative image that was painted by games journalists? I fail to see how this is somehow on us to do. Tweet after tweet called us misogynist neckbeard cis white scum. Screenshot after screenshot claimed that this was all a planned attack by easy-to-dehumanize...
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    TMNT Sequel Already Confirmed For 2016

    Okay, am I correct in assuming that this is just investor marketing and PR? "Hey, look, we totally crushed that cool other movie! People love it!", simply because they pick the second weekend of "that cool other movie".
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    Big Bang Theory Star Trio Gets $1 Million Per Episode for Season 8

    You mean Galecki hasn't previously starred in Roseanne? Cuoco hasn't starred in Charmed, and alongside the late John Ritter in 8 Simple Rules? Parsons is pretty much the only one of the three who hasn't landed any long-lasting big hits before this.
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    What is a Social Justice Warrior?

    A social justice warrior will see an advertising billboard featuring a black person and scream "Tokenism! They're only using a black guy because ", and they'll see the same advertising billboard featuring a white person and scream "Racism! How dare they not represent other races!" These are...
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    Marvel Reveals Film Release Schedule Through 2019

    With the Ultron plot in Avengers 2, I would expect Ant-Man to make an appearance there, too. So that should give the audience enough of an introduction for a full Ant-Man movie. Which is, presumably, why Ant-Man is going to come after Avengers 2.