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    Zero Punctuation: Metroid Prime Federation Force

    Nobody ever asked for this game.
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    Metallica releases a new song.....and its not that bad.

    I really liked St. Anger as a single and then I bought the album and was so disappointed. Edit: heard the song.... it was boring. Just boring. And just so everybody hates me even more: I kinda liked Lulu.
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    Poll: Favorite Metroid Game? (Conditions inside)

    You eliminated my favorite from the list. I don't see AMR2 as far superior.
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    Fez Gets One Final Patch

    Yes it was.
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    The Tao of Notch - Beyond Twitter

    Amazing interview.
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    Poll: Do you turn on the subtitles?

    Yes, because English is not my first language.
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    Pokemon Sun and Moon Allows You to "Hyper Train" Level 100 Pokemon

    If it does make achieving perfect IVs easier I'm all for it. Reducing breeding to getting a good nature and ability makes it way more achievable for new players (and some veterans like me that don't want to drive in a circle for hours).
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    Why aren't there more games like Animal Crossing?

    I haven't played it myself (because AC New Leaf was good enough) but "Disney Magical World" seems to be the game you are describing. At least from what I remember of the little amount of footage I've seen from it.
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    You Can Kill Gary Busey in Hitman This Week

    I just wish they wouldn't make those time exclusive.
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    BATMAN - The Telltale Series' World Premiere Trailer

    Looks terrible. Even in my imagination of how a TTG makes Batman would look it didn't look that bad. Wow.
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    What do you want to see in TES VI?

    Bring back perma-levitate or Levitate in the first place. One of the best things in Morrowind was flying over everything.
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    Poll: Does Steam Need A Purging?

    People complained when valvE was curating the store. Then they got what they wanted. Steam opened the floodgates and it has been the worst!
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    The Mini-NES Can't Go Online, Will Never Get New Games

    The 30 games on it are quite good. But why put on Simon's Quest and not Castlevania 3 instead? #Castlevania2DoesNotExist
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    Mountain Dew Flavor "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong"

    What is a David Hasselhoff?
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    Mountain Dew Flavor "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong"

    I have never seen any Mountain Dew over here in Germany and even then there is no way in hell this would be sold over here. Not with that name. The government would certainly put you on a special list just for buying a bottle.