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    Zero Punctuation: Dark Souls 2 - Prepare to Die Again

    Sort of, yea. I felt like the beginning tried to ease you into it more, at least as much as can be expected from this series. There were rarely any bosses that took me more than two or three tries to beat. That being said, some of the later areas can be pretty difficult, but you'll probably...
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    Review some of your latest purchases in five words or less.

    Saints Row 2: Way better with cheats. Bayonetta: It's the most euphoric pain. Fallout 3: Surprisingly boring. Shelf immediately. Fallout: New Vegas: Like Fallout 3, except good. Fire Emblem: Awakening: Only reason to own 3DS. MGR: Revengeance: What? Over already? Seriously...
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    "Aw! You gotta be kidding me..." Moments In Gaming

    Prototype Really late to that party, just bought it a week ago. The immense fluidity of the movement is satisfying like nothing else I've played. It's like what The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction should've been. But holy crap does all the fun go out the window when you fight a boss...
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    Anarchy Reigns Review

    According to wikipedia: "The game was revealed during a Nintendo Presentation on September 13th, 2012. According to Atsushi Inaba, an executive director at Platinum Games, Bayonetta 2 would not exist if Nintendo hadn't partnered with Platinum Games to make the game. Because of this, Bayonetta 2...
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    Offend me

    Hmmm.... Worst thing I can think of... ooh I know! I wish the holocaust happened.
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    Miracle of Sound: Calamity (Bastion)

    I've never listened to anything that MiracleOfSound has put out before. Thankfully, I've corrected that mistake. Seriously, this is great. I keep replaying it over and over...
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    Do you feel bad about "the starving kids in Africa" ?

    I do feel kind of bad, but in general it doesn't really inspire the passion that it's probably supposed to inspire. For me, it's hard to feel anything about it just because I literally can't empathize with their situation at all as I've never had any experiences even remotely close to what they...
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    This is what happens when people have no clue what they are talking about

    Now THAT'S what I call a slow news day.
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    I've been playing for a couple years now (never tournaments, just with friends) and I've gotta agree with Annihilator being my favorite effect. I recently made a BG Eldrazi deck after I got my hands on Emrakul, and it tends to work at least moderately well most of the time.
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    Extra Punctuation: What Is the Matter with You People?

    I saw the 'shocking' moment of MW3 on the internet before I bought the game. I wasn't shocked, and I even skipped the damn thing in game for the sole reason that it was just wasting 30 seconds where I could be playing the game. Disappointing.
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    Stop all the COD Hate

    I've barely been part of this community that long and I've already seen this thread far too many times. Why are people still posting this thread? It contributes nothing and starts way more flamewars than the subject is worth. I enjoy me some CoD, others don't. Why do we need to make a big deal...
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    Poll: Is featuring rape in a game going too far?

    Rape can be a theme and it can be in a game, but it definitely shouldn't be an option. You could use it as another way to make a villain seem like an even bigger bastard, but you should never have the choice to commit rape and you should never make it a huge part of the story, just a little...
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    If you are not playing Modern Warfare 3, what are you playing instead?

    Currently trying as hard as I can to not suck at Uncharted 3. It's not working.
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    Whats One of the Worst Games You've Ever Played?

    I know it's a pretty common answer, but I bought Superman 64. The box looked so nice and I had no internet access, I thought it'd be a good time. Boy oh boy was I wrong.
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    Another anime request

    I haven't watched too many animes, but Cowboy Bebop and Trigun stood out to me. I'd also give the Berserk anime a try. It has about a million things wrong with it but it's still so damn good.