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    214: Society of the Spectator

    I don't enjoy watching people play games unless it is multiplayer and I am in the game. However, my brother and my best friend are totally fine with it. I just don't get it. Not always a bad thing though because more time for me to play without either of them complaining.
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    Steam's gone mad!!

    No online service you sign up for says it is OK to give your password to even the staff. They all say no staff member would ever ask for it under any circumstance. It was just a bad scam. A very bad one.
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    I've beaten all default RB2 songs...

    No one can really say. Harmonix has over 500 songs. Just scroll though it sometime and find something familiar.
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    Pretty much everything except Starcraft 2 and Modern Warfare 2. I played both BioShock and Mass Effect, but BioShock was never set up properly for a sequal. BioShock 2 appears to be suffering from a common Saturday morning cartoon problem. The Little Sister looks like a failed attempt to...
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    Automated Gameplay

    I don't see the problem with them so long as they don;t effect online public matches. They are optional, and the people who need help can actually get past parts they would other wise quit.
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    Poll: G4...What happened?

    G4 is owned by Comcast, which chose to change management of G4. The new CEO wanted to make network similar to Spike, under the impression that gamers don't want to sit around watching shows about games. So management deciced to replacing gaming shows with shows aimed at the gaming demographic...
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    Poll: Fallout 3: TPS or FPS mode?

    I prefer FPS view because TPS view means I have to watch my characters akward walking animations, which kind of kills the game in an uncanny way.
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    Poll: Natal

    If the EyeToy says anything, it's that Natal will not be widely supported and will be a waste of money.
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    Poll: X-Play.

    I did when G4 was at it's peak around 2004-2006. It was very funny, but maybe that was because I was in middle school at the time. So many dirty jokes. It was one of the only shows on TV I really cared to watch. G4 has collapsed altogether, not just X-Play. Ninja Warrior is the only good show on...
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    How Your Mass Effect Save Affects Mass Effect 2

    I am against this because I really don't want to replay mMss Effect a bazilion times to experience everything in Mass Effect 2, which will take ages as is even with a brand new game file.
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    Halo Legends Anime Miniseries in the Works

    Halo was a series that became popular for it's multiplayer. Isn't this kind of missing the point?
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    FOX to Recast Futurama

    Can't meet salery demands? Unless each of them is demanding a planet and every other expense is the cost of a galaxy, FOX can pay them.
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    What constitutes selling out for you?

    Replacing quality, uniqeness, and your original fans for quick cash. If someone wants to expand in terms of what they provide, I am fine with it if the quality remains and the original fans are not kicked to the curb like garbage. Metallica may have expanded there music variety, but that is not...
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    Post Numbers: Are You Guilty of This?

    I have been out of the loop for about 3 weeks now, but what happened to Indigo anyway?
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    Lies they teach you in HIstory class

    I'm sure the reasoning behind that is until Pearl Harbor, you had one war in Europe/Africa and another set of conflicts in Asia and Australia. Pearl Harbor is attacked, and not only does North and South America get involved(I only recall Brazil though), but all of the sudden both conflicts are...