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    Least satsifying game endings?

    The bottom line is that you're controlling a pawn, and that makes for a lame story. You're saying that that he was warned, but you watch the deterioration on your character's body with every Colossus that you kill. C'mon dude, the main character who you're controlling is a moron, and you don't...
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    Least satsifying game endings?

    Shadow of The Colossus. What a moron for a main character who would be tricked into letting a demon/god/whatever free all to save his lover...but she never gets to be with him anyway. Great game, but it was a waste of time because of the ending.
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    What was your first pc gaming memory?

    It was on the Commodore 64 at my friend's house. There was a game that I can't remember and then there was the Farmer's Daughter. Yes. I am old.
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    Violence in games vs Sexism in games?

    If someone starts acting out their video game fantasies in real life, then both of these are a problem. It's only an issue when you can draw a direct correlation between what one is exposed to in the digital world and their actions in the real world...or the "analogue" world LOL...
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    Growing out of gaming it seems. Soon no longer a gamer.

    Neon isn't bad, the latest Ninja Turtle game is better. I wish that Neon was a bit faster with more crunch in the collision detection. It feels like the characters are rag dolls in Neon a little bit, but Neon isn't too bad.
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    Growing out of gaming it seems. Soon no longer a gamer.

    I hear you. I'm not into the current generation (PS4 Xbox One) so far. The thing that keeps me going after 40 years of gaming is the indie gaming thing, and stuff that comes available on Xbox Live or Playstation Network. Namely: Zeno Clash Ultimate The Cave The Maw Dust: An Elysian...
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    Do you really belive Nintendo characters have no personality?

    They have no personality because it helps with immersion. I don't want to play a character with a personality that I can't stand. That's why I don't do Metal Gear Solid. It's better if the character feels like you. The best way to do that is to make it generic - Mario is the generic "happy...
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    Am I playing the first MassEffect wrong? There isn't much gameplay at all...

    I sold ME2 and Dragon Age 2 after I beat them and realized: 1) These games are about the story and the personalities of the individual characters. It's essentially opera for gamers. 2) These games are not about gameplay. The gameplay works when you play through for the first time, but - 3)...
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    Is the fighting game genre dead?

    Another example of how fighters and brawlers can improve things is Zeno Clash Ultimate. It's set within a wacky universe, but the gameplay is super solid. I couldn't stand Badlands 2 after I played Zeno Clash Ultimate, because I wanted a melee option. There's no comparison to be made...
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    Is the fighting game genre dead?

    The fighting genre needs to blend with the brawling genre. Urban Reign did this back when it came out, and not enough people made noise about it. Wonderful free-flowing combat with two playable Tekken characters. It was like Double Dragon reborn for the modern age (back then, the late PS2 era)...
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    The Failure of 'Dark' Fantasy

    Good post. If we look at the last generation, the Dark Fantasy thing took over. I'd say it's fine, but it's overdone. It's way overdone, and there aren't any significant variations on the "dark" theme. I still say that Mortal Kombat has something to do with all of the gore and "darkness"...
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    Are any of these JRPGs Good?

    Vesperia is solid. Great characters. Xillia is prob next under Vesperia, and they're coming out with Xillia 2 as well for the US.
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    The Deal with MMORPG's

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    The Deal with MMORPG's

    Yes I agree about the potential to be good games. What I don't understand is how this formula has persisted into 2014 with very little in the way of improvement.
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    Violence in video games.

    While I can accept that games don't change people in themselves, I have to admit that gaming has become very gory. Mortal Kombat was a very graphic, very gory game and bloody games have been in demand ever since. We've become more than desensitized - we actually find it distasteful if a game...