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    What are you currently playing?

    Currently on a Stellaris binge
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    Legacy Users - Get Your Badge Here please and thank you
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    Shin Megami Tensei games - Which are the best to play?

    I think the persona games re a good way to ease yourself into the basic mechanics, then go for 4 and apocalypse once you've gotten a good hang on it. When you're ready to take things up a notch, nocturne and devil survivor, maybe soul hackers.
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    Mod Edit: New forums are live for beta testing! Link in OP (April 3, 2020)

    I feel a sense of nostalgia when I look at the profiles of people I loved to see comments form and they haven't been on in like 3 years
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    So EA apparently struggles with their image of being the bad guys

    If they're actually puzzling about this while at the same time defending "surprise mechanics" then that's a level of doublethink I haven't seen in a long time
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    How are you handling the Summer heat?

    With difficulty, the heat makes it difficult to get to sleep. And during the day, I begin to understand why siestas are a thing.
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    You like THAT?!

    My room naturally has a slight smell to it, which I rather like. like an animal marking it's territory, it's a "me" smell. but it's fairly faint. but without fail, most who walk in there act like it's full of mustard gas.
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    Video Game Hell

    A game of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. You suffer from maddening network and frame lag you have headphones welded to your head, and your teammates are as incompetent as they are angry. at you. the enemies are all global elite professionals, mega co-ordinated korean commandos you can...
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    Post jokes

    I wondered why the frisebee in front of me was getting larger....and then it hit me
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    US Company to install RFID micro chips into employees hands.

    [Muffled George Orwell in the distance]
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    Skeletor Is So Money Supermarket

    I'm pretty sure if I cringed any harder my face would pass the shwartzchild's radius and turn into a black hole. you could then call me mr singularity for a face.
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    are you going to buy mass effect andromeda?

    wow, that sure showed me.
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    Your age and your thoughts

    21 And i'm playing a long game. Hoping for employment, but if i'm being honest, it's not going to happen. I have plans to slide into politics via city council, that's my only thing keeping me going, that i'll one day make it to parliament.
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    What's the Quickest You've Ever Given Up on a Game?

    The original Deus Ex Why? Well I allocated my points for a stealthy build, and the tutorial was decent enough in explaining the essential mechanics. And then the first level started, and I was thrown in at the deep end. With a weapon that took an age to aim and fire, no indication of where to...
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    are you going to buy mass effect andromeda?

    No. the graphics and animations are a bad joke The combat looks samey Voice acting is wooden Story fails to intrigue It's just plain awful looking