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    Cliches and Tropes In Movies That Really Annoy You

    Well maybe try Texnholzye and Serial Experiments Lain. They aren't guilty of that. There are lots of " un tropy" anime.
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    Cliches and Tropes In Movies That Really Annoy You

    That happened in Mortal Kombat. I don't recall many other instances of it though.
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    Who is the best swordsman in fiction?

    What game is she from?
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    Who is the best swordsman in fiction?

    Miyamoto Musashi was a real person but he's also a character in the manga Vagabond. He's a real badass in that. He starts off using a bat as a weapon but then upgrades to a katana and defeats a range of highly skilled warriors. In one of the later volumes he manages to kill 70 men at once in a...
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    Who is the best swordsman in fiction?

    King Bradley,Seijuro Hiko,Guts,Miyamoto Musashi,Nanashi are some badasses that immediately come to mind.
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    Serious question for feminist critique of video games

    She's not a real feminist, just a con artist and it's easier for her to make money that way as she clearly hasn't the first clue of games at all.
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    Remember Me Review - Sadly Forgettable

    There are plenty of games with female protagonists. Tomb Raider sold quite well too.
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    Is being a gentlemen sexist?

    I bet that same girl would moan if she had to carry a heavy object if there was a man around or if a she was on a date and the guy didn't pay for the meal and stuff like that. Most women who ***** about sexism are usually just hypocrites that hold double standards.
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    Why must every game revolve around making my balls feel big?

    I reckon Second Sight has a protagonist that at least comes close to that description.
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    Moral Relativity?

    Morality is clearly subjective. I can't believe so many of you think it's objective. And for the person that said mathematics is man made, you are wrong. Mathematics is fundamentally built into the fabric of the universe. Everything in mathematics can be proven. Morality can't. I say murder is...