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    Reddit Moderators accused of Corruption! Allegedly threatened former mod speaks out!

    they are still getting DDoSed. If you look at their Unique IP counter, they are numbering thousands and only posts made under an hour is 1-4.
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    A Challenge to Pro-#GamerGaters and Anti-#Gamergaters

    Seeing that you're young, I would like to ask you a question. Did you have a job before? Have you heard about Pro-GGs getting fired because of their opinion? Destroying them through readership is ideal but wouldn't make a dent because there are still people that are misinformed. On Intel's point...
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    What did Games teach you?

    I learned how to read English when playing games. I also learned history and other philosophical views. This is all I could think on the top of my head. I probably learned more but I've played a lot that it became normal for me.
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    What's Your Most Recent Purchase?

    Ryse of Rome
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    A Challenge to Pro-#GamerGaters and Anti-#Gamergaters

    I'm a filipino gamer since the 90s and I'm a Pro #Gamergate. My first gaming console was a famicom. I have played SNES, Genesis SEGA, Playstation, and PC games. Now, I'm more of a PC user and I don't buy consoles anymore. I like to play RPG, TBS, RTS, 4x, grand strategy, MOBAS, and sometimes...
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    Poll: Do you say 'thanks' to transport workers (bus drivers, taxi drivers, train drivers etc.)?

    Yes to everything if the exit door is close to them. I can't say thank you to the driver if I'm riding a train that is 100 meters long and I'm at the end of the train.
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    Hey 4chan? Can we talk briefly?

    I still firmly believe that I could persuade two or more voices. I just discovered about the movement 2 days ago and this was during the time that censorship was at large. I manage to think of ways to post without endangering myself from keywords/filters even lasting my posts for more than the...
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    Hey 4chan? Can we talk briefly?

    I deliberately tried to put some to GG side by giving out arguments or points. I know my voice is small if I speak to that community, but it wouldn't hurt if I try even if the site is deemed not affiliated with GamerGate. The threads that I have bumped had been archived instantly (read only...
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    The Game...That Made You A Gamer.

    Rockman 6 was probably my first game. It was from famicom. This was during the 90s. We didn't have the means to afford any console games/PC at that time. What made me a gamer though was Final Fantasy VIII. It was the first RPG I finished that I was engrossed with.
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    Stupid questions about yourself people always ask you.

    How are you? Everytime I see them they always ask me this question. I always reply that I'm good. The repetitiveness of it made it stupid for me.
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    Poll: Would you have sex as an act of kindness?

    I'm undecided on the issue. I don't know the other girl that much.
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    Welcome newcomers! Introduce yourself.

    Where is the basement? Link? I might regret this question.
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    Welcome newcomers! Introduce yourself.

    Hi Guys, I've been lurking for quite some time now. This is one of the sites I know that is not yet touched by the stigma of censorship. What really hooked me into lurking the threads and subsequently registering is the gamergate discussion. Hope this site continues to advocate free speech...