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    Escape to the Movies: Scre4m

    Those "assholes" were people who bullied him in high school and let's be honest, judging by bobs attitude towards everything he deserved it Oh and Yahtzee made a menstruation joke, boo frickin hoo. Who cares except for overly PC weirdos?
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    Duke Nukem Forever Review

    It's a hilarious tragedy, Like a a clown beating your mom to death with a dildo
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    I completely believe you pal.
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    Israeli Missile Defense System Blasts Threats With Liquid Metal

    Shoulda put "Blasts innocent civillians with liquid metal" Seriously screw Israel, They should put all the money we give them into Improving themselves rather than hurting others. Lovely weapons system though, I just wish the good guys could be the ones to invent it
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    Most Disliked Stereotype

    Hairy Indians My personal experience dictates most of them are pretty clean shaven
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution... Why do we care ?

    Cyberpunk needs to innovate though. The last truly great cyberpunk novel was [i]River of Gods[i/] And you know why that was? It took place in India, a place no western novel ever tries to explore and it did it very well. we need more innovative cyberpunk works like that.
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    Who Can Beat Alex Mercer?

    Kali. oh and Rama. He would eat mercer for breakfast
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    Poll: Teachers Not Allowed to Discuss Personal Religious Beliefs in Class

    Why thank you, I aim to please :)
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    Poll: Teachers Not Allowed to Discuss Personal Religious Beliefs in Class

    Watch out guys, edgyman walking through!
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    Your opinion on Fallout: New Vegas VS. Fallout 3

    They were both good, but NV was better
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    "Haters"? Oh, _please_.

    I said something against the fans in my posts? where? Then it's not a review! If you are doing comedy skits (DOCTOR SLEEPL... I MEAN INSANO LOL) then at least do skits instead of letting your bad sense of humor intruding upon the video I'd prefer "distracting circlejerk" but random cameo...
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    "Haters"? Oh, _please_.

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    my gf is a pothead

    none of you have ever smoked weed I see
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    "Haters"? Oh, _please_.

    Implying they had any to begin with
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    "Haters"? Oh, _please_.

    Post this on the TGWTG forum please.