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    Escapist Podcast: 131: Two Billion Reasons to be Upset at Facebook

    Paul... Even in Aus, I also had a similar disk, if not the same. Much of my formative gaming years was spent playing through demos/first episodes to games that frustrated me to no end. What happened to "the Doom guy" after he fell in that pit of demons?!
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    Smallest thing online players annoy you with?

    Don't play much multiplayer games other than Ghost Recon Online nowadays, but based on that... Little things: -When there are people communicating in a language that's not my own on the team audio channel, who then get annoyed with players for not listening to them. If you're playing with...
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    Escapist Podcast: 125: Dungeon Keeper, Jesse Eisenberg and Superhero Movies

    Technically Full Frontal, not Fast Forward. "Poida" was a classic character. That said, The Castle is what I think of when someone says Eric Bana. Talking about "culture".
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    Escapist Podcast: 124:, Hearthstone, And Pre-Orders

    On the topic of drive-through liquor stores, being in the wonderful land of Aus(stralia), it was quite a shock to hear from Canadian and U.S. travellers that they aren't a thing over there. What's more lazy than not having to get out of your car to pick up a slab and some wine for the weekend?
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    Jimquisition: Early Access

    Does anyone else want to dig up their Ancestral Trail books?
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    Favourite Pilot Episode of a TV Series

    Firefly. World was built, characters introduced with existing stories and defining qualities, so much stuff was mentioned/alluded to that came back to bite the crew in the arse later on in the series...
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    Doctor Who Faces Legal Threat From Son of Tardis Creator

    Hypothetical scenario: this guy wins, BBC doesn't want to pay him... -Doctor- "So, we've crashed into this spaceship and quantum nanite repair droids have fixed the TARDIS, so it doesn't look like a police box." -Companion- "Oh, cool. So we can look like anything now?" -Doctor- "Yeah, but...
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    Escapist Podcast: 116: Games Failing for the Right Reason

    So, in my mind, an Assassin's Creed game in present times WOULD be like Hitman, but less dressing up in costumes and more climbing. All that said, if things like cars and modern firearms are an issue for them they need to do some handwavey-gimmicky excuses in game for those elements not being in...
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    Escapist Podcast: 109: MMOcast

    Hehe, that was unrelated to your post (and I know you to be a fellow podcat rabid enthusiast). Was more directed at AldUK.
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    Escapist Podcast: 109: MMOcast

    Any time I play ANYTHING online with avatars and social interaction of some form, I always refer to them by the gender of the avatar. Always makes it interesting when you talk with someone via chat, get used to thinking of them as female because of the avatar, then get into an audio channel with...
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    Escapist Podcast: 109: MMOcast

    The only MMO I invested time into was EVE, and I sunk two and a half years into that, running my own corporation with some friends I made in the game and the only reason I stuck around was because they were so much fun to hang out with. Seeing as everyone else is sharing stories about how...
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    Why do so few Americans vote?

    I live in Australia. I get a fine if I don't vote. Regardless of the threat of fine, I still vote and somewhat resent those that don't, but Australian politics is something of a joke. Not much gets done, regardless of which party is elected. Unfortunately, we have a chimp for a Prime...
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    What are your favourite attacks or upgrades in gaming?

    Any sort of AOE attack that stuns and/or knocks opponents down (as long as it's not overly-spammable, which can ruin the fun of a game [Fable]). Most recently, Saints Row 3, the secondary attack on the Decker's melee weapon, hammer thing... Smash it, guys go flying, good times. On that note...
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    XCOM: Enemy Within Standalone Expansion Changes and Additions

    Personally, if they just switched to the old system from the original (lasers do extra damage to robotic units), that would make lasers more useful from a strategy standpoint. Overall, the damage output vs plasma is lower, but damn useful when that Sectopod stumbles straight into your squad.
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    Escapist Podcast: 104: Dragon's Crown & Stifling Innovation

    Focussing on the topic of "family" (and specifically my Italian part of the family), a running joke with my siblings is whenever we have dinner at my mother's, we try and stop one another from engaging in conversation while dinner is actually being prepared, or we just take over. With talking...