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    Report: GTA V For PC Ships on a Whopping Seven Disks

    the real surprise to me here is the that the game is coming out on disc my disc drive pointlessly sits unplugged but still inside my case because i never use it
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    So Who Is DRM For Anyway?

    i just really hate the multiple levels of drm i mean they have origin that should be enough its the same as when i try to play any ubisoft game on steam and it launches uplay on top of it
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    Cancelled Sonic Game Receives Fan Driven PC Port

    i see other people mentioned it first but the first thing i thought when i saw this was that it looked like someone re-skinned kula world
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    Swatter Arrested, Could Face Five Years in Prison

    is it? the swat teams that are called in are armed to the teeth with the expectation that they are there to save someone from a home invasion im surprised no one has been killed by swatting yet
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    League of Legends Tournament: LGBT Players Have "Unfair Advantage" - Update

    are they trying to say that lgbt players are more masculine and somehow do better at the game because of it? I think the only reason female pro players might be considered worse is that there are less of them or less that have had the chance to establish themselves as skilled players, I mean...
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    Steam Holiday Auction at a Halt After Suspected Exploits - Update

    i converted all my cards into gems and had barely enough to bid on the cheapest thing i could find 10 seconds later i was immediately outbid i feel like you could spend a lot more time and effort with this than simply buying the games outright then again i already had zero investment in the...
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    Watch Star Wars Episode VII's First Official Trailer Right Here

    im not sure if i disliked that lightsaber because they changed the lightsaber or if its actually that dumb looking not very much meat on this trailer but this doesnt look awful
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    Grand Theft Auto V AI Will Let Hell Loose When You Step Away

    people keep saying this is nothing new but i left my game running on the ps3 version all the time and i never returned to anarchy or the police gunning down innocent civilians yeah it did seem like the cops you could see were also getting shot by someone else I remember in saints row 2 if...
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    What StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Will Bring to The Protoss Campaign - Update

    i think the biggest story question i have about the protoss is still the talda'rim they apparently separated from the aiur protoss before broodwar but they have stalkers and voidrays along with all the other tech used by the main faction including collossus that were supposedly sealed away on...
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    See the New Cards for Hearthstone Expansion Goblins vs. Gnomes - Update

    i always get screwed on the rng cards the last 2 times i used webspinners i got captains parrot so i cant see myself using much of these
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    Thousands of Hearthstone Players Banned For Using Bots

    it probably didnt help that the most effective decks basically just rush the opposing hero down while ignoring their minions so they would be pretty easy to automate
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    3D Realms Returns After Five-Year Absence

    I seriously considered buying that when I saw raptor call of the shadows on there but i doubt it would live up to the nostalgia i have for it not for 20 usd anyway
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    Naruto Finally Comes to an End Next Month

    I will always remember the animes annoying habit of replaying the itachi flashback whenever something even tangentially related to sasuke happens, sometimes it would get played twice in a single episode
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    how long must we wait for a good star wars game

    just off the top of my head i can think of a bunch of good starwars games rogue squadron, jedi academy, pod racer, republic commandos might not be a good list though since OP seems a bit fixated on the jedi aspect of starwars
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    YouTube Gaming Star PewDiePie Turns Off Comments For Good

    personally I would just leave the comments on people will always want a place to insult complete strangers and he wouldn't want it spilling over into the places where he actually values the discussion 30 million subscribers and most of the videos i looked at on the first page had at least 3...