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    Should gamers have control over gaming culture?

    Or is that problematic? I suppose the free market should prevail, but that doesn't imply that corporate entities should get to decide that skimpy ladies are somehow destroying civilization and shouldn't be sold in the first place. Or does it?
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    The Reason You're (Not) A Console Gamer

    And yet, we still are talking about the people who are going into forums and chats in order to justify their preferences. ;) I suppose the argument of: "I can't make this work with my living situation" is boring, and somewhat invalidates what you find cool about your console.
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    Charging for Skyrim Mods Was a Horrendous Idea

    Well, let's be honest here, Valve talks a good game about how they did this for the modders, but this seems to be more about them getting their cut than it is about compensating modders. Don't get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to see a well-done paid-mod system running alongside a...
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    Chrono Trigger - Cause and Mass Effect

    Was that in one of the cutscenes then? Can't speak for those in the DS version. The DS version may have made a change/introduced a glitch. As far as I know, 2 of the endings show frog as human, only if you have killed Magus, don't forget, you may have spared Magus on one playthrough, and...
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    Chrono Trigger - Cause and Mass Effect

    Oh geez Liz. This shit is why we love you. Great stuff. Well, maybe I'm an old fart, but I don't find the "new" re-playability of games as enticing as it was in this game. I suppose you can attribute that to me not having as many games to play back then, but I would still rather replay...
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    Pirates Can Legitimately Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free

    I think you can still get digital versions of the discs from microsoft, and there is a program that could extract your licence key, I did this for a laptop with win7, and I'm pretty sure winvista was also available. Man, is microsoft getting desperate or what? BTW: try "jellybean key...
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    Destiny Takes GOTY, Confuses Audience, at This Year's BAFTAs

    My we live in interesting times... And me without a paper trail.
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    Microsoft: "We've Lost Our Way" on PC Gaming

    This made me think of an interesting question, purely hypothetical, mind you. If M$ offered to let you pay for a sub, for the privilege of BUYING XBone exclusives, would that even give you pause? Not that they would EVER do that, how else are they supposed to sell Xbones? Just the...
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    Steam Machine Pricing Revealed - From $459 to $4,999

    Biggest advantage I can see for these things, is that when we are a few years further into the current generation, steam machines will be much more powerful than the competition for the same price, and have better, cheaper versions of many of the same games, with a promise of future backwards...
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    EA Closing Down Maxis's Main Studio

    Businesses lie for a living. Game devs owned by EA lie way more than others. It's... sweet that you believe everything you read, but you really shouldn't.
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    Net Brutality

    Ah, somebody finally mentioned Shaw. I was wondering why they had been left out. That's where the mugger analogy falls down. The monthly mugger takes your money and fucks off, he doesn't keep arguing with you on why you need cable tv and a telephone landline for half an hour.
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    Why Completing All Objectives And Finding All Secrets Are Meaningless

    Ya, you'd also have to count the multiplayer-only achievements as well, many of which are unavailable shortly after release, or require such stupid amounts of luck or hours invested that you had better get over your lack of 100%'s for games almost instantly. Funny he mentions Asscreed, that...
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    Has EA's Origin Service Improved Any Over the Last Two Years?

    And 99% of the time they would be making a good point, now wouldn't they? Ooh, a return policy, anybody manage to get a refund on battlefield 4 or simcity? No? Call me when something relevant gets released and EA inevitably fucks it up, I want a front row seat when this return policy gets...
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    Has EA's Origin Service Improved Any Over the Last Two Years?

    Well gosh, they put somebody with a clue in charge of Origin and now even Shamus likes it?!? Hopefully EA fires that nutbar and jerks the reins in the opposite direction as soon as possible before they lose their title. I would sorely miss having EA as my go-to example of what is wrong with...
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    The Sexual Awakening of Ness in EarthBound

    I think Yahtzee needs professional help. And not the kind with a degree nailed to the wall. Or is he making fun of the game theory guy? Anyways, I always felt that these interpretations of Nintendo's stories always gave them too much credit.