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    Zero Punctuation: No Man's Sky

    i get the impression they started the hype train to early and it reached peak before they had implemented any of the promises they made. then some programmer quoted 3 more years before any of that stuff would be ready, so instead of doing a duke nukem they just put out what they had. which is crap.
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    Latest Overwatch Ban Wave Results in Some Hilarious Complaints

    these types of ppl are the ones that break into your house then sue you when the dog bites them
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    Carrie Fisher Says Discontinuing "Slave Leia" Merchandise is "Stupid"

    if i was carrie fisher i'd release a fashion label of princess leia inspired clothing. also if she hated the bikini so much why are there backstage photos of her sunbathing in it with her body double. you'd think given the first opportunity between takes she'd at least cover up with a robe if...
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    Don't blame Princess Peach for being kidnapped. Blame Bowser for kidnapping her

    Maybe all the Mario adventures are actually a TV show put on to keep the people of the mushroom kingdom entertained
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    Poll: Unfinished Games Anonymous: do you ever give up before completion?

    I still remember the first game I ever clocked, back in the day when games had score boards. Though technically you could never finish it as the levels reset upon completion. A game called Wizball on my commodore 64. It wasn't until after played Mega Drive games that I was able to go back...
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    Terrible movies that you like

    wow I feel compelled to shuffle back under my rock. Half these movies listed are my all time favorite movies, yet they are considered bad ?? Big Trouble in Little China ? Over here in Australia there IS an import company named Wing Kong. I geek out every time I see one of their trucks...
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    Words/phrases that piss you off

    While I value your input into that word being an opinion, my problem lay in the AMOUNT of times I'd hear it a day. I too understand the value of swearing in language. It wasn't until I was a bouncer that I used "fuck" as much as I do now. It's such a flexible word in that environment / work...
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    Words/phrases that piss you off

    I've always hated "Fiance" as in the person you have asked to marry you. It just sounds wrong. Political Correctness: nope sorry you can leave the room now thanks, it's my opinion and I will express it. If that offends you, then you can express that too. Doesn't mean I will change my opinion...
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    What are you nerds reading? :D

    Miyomoto Mushashi's Five Rings and Irritable man syndrome and How to succeed in 12 months Arnold Schwatzeneger's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, and a manual from the shoalin kung fu temple
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    Minecraft on console...why?

    affordability might come into it as well minecraft is one of the first fully fledged games in ages that was released at $25 (where i live ) and no, not every one has $1000 (again where i live ) to sink into a pretty crappy PC, $2000 if you want a half decent one. Ive played since early beta...
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    Has "A Song of Ice and Fire" ruined fantasy?

    I find this interesting, as before this everything was compared to Lord of the Rings. It appears the torch has been passed
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    World of Warcraft Paid Level 90 Boost Will Cost $60

    This to me just presents bait for the gold spammers to attempt to make a come back. why pay $60 to blizzard when you can get 5 characters to 90 and a heap of gold to boot from the spammers true enough they will later hack your account, but by then you wont give a damn anyway...
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    Men of the Escapist: Keeping up appearances in order to reach "perfection"

    My head is so big it barely fits in any caps. I have slightly protruding front teeth. I need to shave two hours after I shave.. I am not your typical "handsome guy". The girls at school took great pains to remind me of that... Yet I have been with my wife for 16 years and never been...
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    What defines you as a gamer ?

    "you are a dabbler, and arent afraid to restart a game to test out a new character concept(RPGs). You have difficulty completing games as your time is so thinly spread between life and your various game projects. However when focused you are one of the better gamers out there, using your 23...
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    Boy Brings Gun To School, Father Blames Minecraft

    Ive been playing MC for about 30 hours a week since beta 1.2 so i must be training for the next holocaust or something by this fathers logic