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    Dear Origin, You Stink

    You know what the sad thing is? Even if this piece somehow got to the deciderers at EA's HQ I'd bet their reaction would be to start doing some mental gymnastics to justify their 'strategies'. A great case of corporate cognitive disonance if I've ever seen one. Loved ME and ME2 to bits...
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    A question for non British people

    Have heard of her (lived in England for a couple years a while ago) but I confess I do not have enough information to formulate an opinion. To the googlemobile! /brb
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    Critical Miss: Telegraphing

    Heh. It does seem as if music has been terribly over used in horror games as of late. Would that I could compare DS2 to say, Amnesia but I could never play the latter for longer than 20 minutes. What can I say, I'm easily spookified ^^ Edit: *patiently awaits for escapists to decode the...
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    What Was The Last Thing You Bought?

    A cast-iron teapot. It's awesome!
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    Carlito said 'I have a very well paying job, i have good credit, etc. im set. I just needed a girl to complete my life. But i feel that she stole my chance for the good life. Like she robbed me of a future i worked so hard to build for the both of us. I think thats where i get angry.' This...
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    From Dust- OH MY GOD GAME

    My thoughts exactly! I wonder if this will be an in-everything-but-name remake?
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    Choose your hero!

    If there's a chance I can make it without having to commit to any major engagements, any Agent from Ian M.Banks Culture books. If there's big fights involved then any Agent from Ian M.Banks Culture books....accompanied by a knife-missile with full clearence to engage any and all hostiles of...
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    Weapon (style) of choice.

    RPG: Always start up as a melee warrior but always end up dealing ranged damage. Medievil weaponry: Short sword & buckler as per George Silver's Paradoxes (well, not the paradoxes, I mean the actual instructions in volume II). I've done a bit of fencing so I think I could handle it (because...
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    An Open Letter to the Producers of James Bond

    From my cursory glance at the thread it seems to me the problem is a good chunk of the audience (even if it's condensed to Escapist readers) are quite happier with Moore's and, in this case, Bob's idea of Bond rather than Flemming's Opinions are opinions are opinions. That said, Bond is not...
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    An Open Letter to the Producers of James Bond

    I'm a bit baffled by this as well. One of the things I liked best about Casino Royale is how close they actually got to Bond as he is portrayed in the books. Especially how he almost always gets beaten up to hell and back. He is in excruciating amounts of pain, bleeding like a leaky, rusty...
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    The Needles: The Witcher 2 Interview

    The dual approach philosophy Tomas Gop talks about (plus everything behind the 'hidden' message they left in their last video) is all the reason I need to buy this thing come opening day. Even if the game doesnt manage to improve the first one I feel it's vital for us to promote this way of...
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    CD Projekt Unveils The Witcher 2

    No, sorry. But if you listen closely you'll notice you can pause it as the last bit of sound stops. That's how I timed it.
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    CD Projekt Unveils The Witcher 2

    Partial transcript of the hidden message at the end of the video: "This message is for our biggest fans. Analyzing our stuff pixel by pixel, bit by bit. It's good to see you again**! :-) BTW: Simple minded people think (...) that single player RPGs are dead, or PCs? We sold 1.5 mln units game...