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    Anyone watched Ducktales 2017 episode 1?

    I liked it for the most part. It seems less aimed at being for kids and everyone, and more aimed at my demographic which is the one that watched it originally and grew up. Maybe it's just me, but I do have do wonder if the show will be dated in the future.
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    Anyone notice that Hot topic has changed?

    I don't remember those being in my Spencer's last I checked. That was a little over a week ago. Those are now found in those hobbyist stores with the pop culture icon cutouts in the front of them. That or Target maybe.
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    Anyone notice that Hot topic has changed?

    Not familiar with Gadzooks, But My Topic Doesn't really have any Goth items. Just Geek and Band apparel. Band apparel is half my Spencer's with the shitty sex and games stuff being the other. That's where the comparison came from for me.
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    Anyone notice that Hot topic has changed?

    I can't find any evidence of this, but I remember the one in my mall being called Hot Gothic for years. It really felt like that kind of store too. then in like the late 2000s they changed it to the word Topic and while the store and lighting didn't really change, Their stock and employee attire...
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    So, how many dudes here roll a female character? Also vice versa?

    I finished a visual novel recently that let you choose gender pronouns on an androgynous character, if that counts. I switched back and forth throughout but it didn't really change anything. That's probably the point though.
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    Nintendo-Themed Vans Let You Kick Out in Style

    Too bad Vans don't really divert from their set shoe size chart. I can't fit any size comfortably because they don't do wide sizes.
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    Poll: It's time Escapists. For the most important vote. (Probably NSFW)

    Never really been into the absurdly large, but big is nice. If i had to choose a side though, I guess I'm on the side of...
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    Poll: Would you buy the hd remake of a game you already own?

    The third option is the one that most speaks to me but favorite is a strong word. I was thinking of buying Twilight Princess again but I wouldn't put that on my favorites list.
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    #080 - Class Warfare

    The way Erin's art style is nowadays, it's hard to believe she started out from "Oh Fuck Yeah Donuts". Good on ya Cory. You too Grey
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    PS4 owners. What games do you currently have in your library?

    Not a big library: Infamous: Second Son (Really the only one I've spent my time with and recommend.) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes/ Phantom Pain Fallout 4 P.T. (Which you can't get any more.) Citizens of earth I think that's it. Don't really spend much time with it.
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    Final Fantasy's Cloud Strife is The Next Smash Bros. DLC Fighter

    Fucking Cloud... Really?!? That is neither Geno nor any character from VI. You know, the actual Nintendo characters.
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    Minecraft Wii U Possibly Leaked

    Fucking Great! I don't play Minecraft but I've always been of the position that one of Nintendo's biggest WII U blunders was not having a port of this money printer. I even heard Sony's shitty game-phone version did super well.
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    Do fandoms ruin series for you?

    No, and they shouldn't. I understand and accept why they might and do. I just feel like a group of people that really don't have or need to have anything to do with what you enjoy, at least in your own mind, shouldn't really be breaking any convictions you have. Especially for entertainment...
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    Harmonix Employees Posted Positive Rock Band 4 Amazon Reviews

    Coincidentally, I read in the paper that Amazon is going to be suing a large amount of people who post illegitimate positive product reviews. Yes, I read the paper still.
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    Bad games with great ideas or settings

    While I heavily enjoy The Godfather II, I know it's heavily flawed. But that Strategy system though! I want a multiplayer take on street turf warfare that actually incorporates some hands on shooty shoots.