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    Syndicate Banned in Australia - UPDATED

    Damn, that sounds awesome. Oh, EA, talking about censorship... The hypocrisy is so amusing.
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    The Old Republic Ships Without Registration Codes

    So all these people in the beta and still these bugs huh? Nice showing off there. I know, I know. "Every game got bugs blah blah blah". They still showed off with their beta numbers. Nothing is worse than DA2. Nothing.
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    Analyst Values Team Fortress 2 Hat Trade at $50 Million

    Oh, that. Well, like you said, it sort of justified. Everyone else do it anyway.
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    Best FF 7 Meteria Combinations?

    That pretty much. I don't remember any specific ones but I remember it being awesome. While we're at it, are there any other games with a similar system?
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    Kim Jong Il has died....

    Oh, yay. Now another dictator will take over that xenophobic shithole. Next?
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    Analyst Values Team Fortress 2 Hat Trade at $50 Million

    Do you mean the 10$ policy for new items? If so, I don't find it too 'dodgy' since they can be dropped and they go down after a while anyway (unless they're hats).
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    Anybody heard of Carcosa?

    I have no problem with it. It isn't different from anything we've seen already. It sounded pretty awesome until I read that Sorcerers almost always died young because of the monsters they summon. It went from a dark fucked up world to the bad guys must be punished!
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    Google Vs. The English

    Shakespeare made **** jokes. British people use it quite often. Why do people still have problem with it?
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    Rumor: Iran Responding to Battlefield 3 with Anti-Israel Game

    So the anti Israely psychos are being anti Israeli psychos, huh. Great logic too, gj.
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    Do you miss your game boxes?

    BOX FOR THE BOX GOD! No, I don't miss them. I get frustrated with my PS2 games all the time since I can't find the one I want at that exact moment which is quite easy on the pc.
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    Trailers: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Inquisitor Character Trailer

    So... Who else is bothered with the fact that the Assassin is using the worst possible weapon an actual assassin can use?
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    Skyrim Fan Takes An Arrow in the Knee

    So much wrong with it... First, ugh. Really? The meme is annoying and boring already. Second, that tattoo looks so bad. Look at the arrow, it's not even close to being straight.
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    Trailers: Touch My Katamari - Billiard Trailer

    That 12 year old girl talking kinda killed it for me. Looks pretty cool, not sure about the stretch feature though.
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    TF2 players, what class do you use the most?

    When I started I played a bit of all, now I focus on Soldier. Sometimes demoknight, Sniper, Heavy, Medic or Scout. When the team needs then Engi or Medic. It really depends on the mood or if there's a new weapon. (dat Machina<3) The cat is back!
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    Poll: Who still watches Extra Credits?

    Almost stopped watching when the show left the intelligent topics and became pretentious and talked about boring topics. Watched some single episodes on PA but again, preachy and pretentious. They talked for a whole episode about zombies in gaming but didn't mention once how over used they are...