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    Jimquisition: Dynasty Warriors Is The Citizen Kane Of Gaming

    thank you jim so much i love DW games and have been playing it since 2 and i will be using your video to prove that this game is the best also people compare DW games to EA sport games i would like to say that DW games upgrade the gameplay mechanics every installment and if any one would like...
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    Trailers: Rusty Hearts - Launch Trailer

    also the narrator is the same one from soul calibur 4, and now we know what happened to him.
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    Trailers: Final Fantasy XIII-2 - PAX 2011 Trailer

    "never lay down and wait to die" i think that is the next bond move title
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    Brace Your Eyeballs For the Gunnar Optiks MW3 Gaming Eyewear

    you know i saw this and think to my self, damn this will be included in one of the limited edition COD:MW3, there stock went up 4 points in my book then i read the article, and it went down 10 points does Activation like to be hated or is there marketing department that inept
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    EA Slings More Mud at Activision

    due to the Escapist magazine being in the recent forbs list of websites i think EA and activition will be patrolling the forums so to EA: i will be too mentally traumatized by Dark souls to give a damn about your game. also on release in the same month Arkham City, the darkness, and Rage...
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    Trailers: Crusader Kings II - Gamescom Trailer

    "Genre: Grand Strategy" what the hell is that i know RTS, TBS, TBT but grand strategy is a term i am not familiar with
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    Trailers: Heroes of Might and Magic VI - Gamescom Trailer

    well considering that this is one of a very few true turn based strategy games out there and considering that i love TBS genera games the most this game is on my wish list since it was announced so i am sold as for the story arc, never did care, they can hatch and re hatch the same story...
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    Crow Reboot Loses Star, Mark Wahlberg a Possible Replacement

    you know, colin farrell would make a great crow not Mark Wahlberg, i can defiantly see him in the face paint and his size fits. one thing is who will direct the movie, what is the attitude of the leading man in the script, the environment of the set, the cast, and the villain.
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    Video games ARE causing violence.

    *whimpering in complete fear* demon's souls...demon's souls demon's souls demon's souls demon's souls demon's souls dark souls? *watches trailer* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    Critical Miss: Conan the Barbarian

    i disagree and heres my proof
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    No Russian

    what i want is Russians and Mexicans fighting alien robots now there's a game
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    Modern Warfare 3 Dev Welcomes Negative Feedback

    i second your suggestion, and allow me to add, "top hats"
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    Wannabe Valve Employee Creates Musical Job Application

    well that's nice but until i know how long it took her to create the animation i'ma not hiring, that is if i was valve. still, funny, imaginative, good initiative, and clever, she might get a shot even without public support. good luck Erin hope you get the job.
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    Oslo Murders Lead to Calls For Game Bans in Australia

    i believe the word your looking for is EXTREMIST muslims. fundamentalist Muslims are the good guys, they are the ones sitting in a cafe reading a book minding there own business and not thinking of how to blow up people.
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    What are the most annoying fans in your opinion

    sir i salut you. Ray William Johnson fans that try to convince you he is funny annoys me so much OT: -blind fanboyism, -teenager affiliated entertainment, -people that cannot gather the strength to write complete sentences.