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    Poll: There are only 2 genders....right?

    No because there are mutations where there are more than 2 sexes There is XX XY XXY XYY sometimes even YY these "other" genders are considered hermaphrodites and do constitute as sexes But most of this tumblr sexes thing is bullshit you could argue there's more than two genders but then you...
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    Zero Punctuation: Broken Age: Act 2

    Someone should tell Yahtzee that the story was literally made up as they went along and it seems that no one bothered to try and iron out any of the numerous plot holes or try to write a decent story in the first place you think they would spend those 1.5 years really working on that story...
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    Recommend me a DS game please

    999 Ghost Trick TWEWY Radient historia Infinite Space Dokopon Kingdom Solobatoro the EO series Pokemon games Animal Crossing games Harvest Moon games Dragon quest games Advanced Wars games
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    No WTFast, You Can't Bribe Customers For Positive Steam Reviews

    There's not much we can do we could try to be as savvy a consumer as possible and tell everyone we know how to be one but there will always be another 100,000 idiots to take your place as a consumer for a crappy product. FPS players still buy CoD and Battlefield regardless of how buggy or crappy...
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    The Four Stages of Creative Sandbox Gaming

    I think the writer needs to take show don't tell to heart when you're in a visual medium don't just describe something show it
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    Star Wars Gets Its First Canonical LGBT Character

    Does anyone even know what is and isn't canon anymore? I've always though discussing canon in the star wars universe is pointless since the universe seems to be perpetually retconning itself
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    Weird Allergies

    I've got some weird ones apart from dust I'm allergic to anti-allergy medicines and Ibuprofen the former ironic the latter deadly
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    What is with the asian\indian men obsession with white women?

    I don't know why I find white women so attractive or why other Indians find them so attractive It could be due to western media, could be due to some parts of India lighter skin is considered more beautiful, could be because of a forbidden fruit kind of thing cause most Indians especially their...
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    Can you explain why you think the FCC is going to censor the internet when in the general guidelines it says that they punish impacts on free expression impacts on innovation and impacts on competition The FCC guy also says that the internet shouldn't be controlled by either government or...
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    8-Bit Philosophy: Is Capitalism Bad For You?

    This was disappointingly poorly researched shallow and poorly implemented/presented I hope the show isn't going to continue to be this obtuse while feigning the educational capabilities of its videos. The concept of Anxiety isn't even given a basic definition the statement of Clavinism was...
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    Hatred Rated Adults Only by the ESRB

    Oh shit I totally forgot about thrill kill now that was a fucked up game it makes hatred look like care bears in comparison. I think hatred got AO mostly because its so infamous all this does is make it interesting to see what steam will do with it now.
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    Target Audience

    So you ignore the fact that I addressed what you said just because I'm pissy in the first two sentences sure go ahead not my problem. Your post was putting words in my mouth I never said anything about it not being published I talked about it being suppressed. Also yes I insult your english...
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    Target Audience

    Ay ya after a hard days work I didn't realize I'd need to give an englsih lesson. Since neither of you explained how it somehow fit your argument or how I'm wrong I'm just going to address what I think you mean. Firstly just because they didn't stop it from being published doesn't mean it...
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    Star Wars' "Black Stormtrooper" to Critics: "Get Used to it"

    You know a black stormtroopers may buttfuck the canon and the message or whatever but it all honesty it already such a mess I'm not sure if the Star Wars universe has a butt to fuck in the first place.
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    20 Years Ago Today: Final Fantasy 6 Was released For The SNES:

    Whoa really I didn't know that well guess I should play it again to celebrate. I'm not too sure about a HD remake but a version of the e shop would be cool can the 3ds/Wii U play/emulate advance/snes games or a re-release or something