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    Forgotten Smallpox Vials Found In Lab Clear-Out: More Found Update

    Granted yes we can combat it but how long would it take to implement vaccinations etc and calm down many millions? The panic it would cause would simply be catastrophic, if you released that shit in an airport and they only found out about even an hour later.... with the amount of traffic large...
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    Jimquisition: The Poison of Pre-Order Culture

    Made the mistake by pre ordering Rome 2..... wont be doing it again as it was such a huge disappointment for me. The end was rather disturbing Jim haha ^_^
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    Forgotten Smallpox Vials Found In Lab Clear-Out: More Found Update

    If they had been found by a madman.... holy shit I don't even want to think about that :/
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    Jimquisition: Air Control - A Steam Abuse Story

    Jim its now the 9th of July... I just had a look on Steam and Air Control is still up for sale :| The reviews with the Developer replies make for interesting reading tho.
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    Jimquisition: Tomopology Life

    Hahahahahahahahaha the use of Ted Haggard was very appropriate Jim
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    Jimquisition: The Trap Of Gamer Gratitude

    Well said Jim. I think we should get you a time turner so you have enough time to review every game and come up with more shitRbricks analogies, that was fucking hilarious. You must promise not to use it to install yourself as emperor of the universe ok :)
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    Game of Thrones Renewed For Seasons Five and Six

    Having read the books I wonder how they are going to fit all that happens into 20 hour long episodes, the series has some advantages for sure but it also has big drawback. Heraldry and a room for example that might take a page and a half to describe in writing can be done in seconds on screen...
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    Planet Mercury Is Shrinking Rapidly, Has Lost 7 Kilometers in Radius

    When you said rapidly in the title I thought it happened last night, forgot we were talking in cosmic terms here haha
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    How Do You Handle a Disagreement With Someone Else ?

    Really depends on who I'm dealing with I get mad with some people at work simply because they don't listen no matter how many times you explain something or clarify it and they get annoyed back as they probably think I can be a know it all... not true I know I don't know everything and that is...
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    Shia LaBeouf Throws in The Towel, Retires From "Public Life"

    I kind of liked him in Transformers, him shouting out the window at Optimus and the other Autobots that "My garden is not a truck stop" still makes me laugh
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    Sony Online Entertainment New Subscription is All Access

    Oh right, thanks for clearing that up I was sort of scratching my head for a bit there haha.
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    Sony Online Entertainment New Subscription is All Access

    The only one of those I play is Planetside 2 (not that often anymore) does this mean if I want to play it again I'll have to pay money? Its free to play at the moment.
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    Electronic Arts Wants To Be Voted Best Company In America

    Read the terms of service, you'll find they are very very different specifically this part of the Origin EULA "You agree that EA may collect, use, store and transmit technical and related information that identifies your computer (including the Internet Protocol Address), operating system...
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    Electronic Arts Wants To Be Voted Best Company In America

    Baahahahahahahaha great now the only thing your going to have to do is scrap origin the most ridiculously draconian piece of DRM I have ever seen I was genuinely looking forward to battlefield 3 before you took a dump in punchbowl by adding origin to the party. If more people were bothered to...
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    Ryse: Son of Rome Launch Trailer Channels Gladiator Goodness

    I reckon it will be a very entertaining hacky slashy game, I watched some of the game play trailers and the only bad point was that most of the kills seem to come from mini quick time events but its either quick time events or light and heavy attacks with a few finishers. Guess we'll see what...