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    What exactly is it about PC ports?!

    Consoles will never be able to put real time stratergy games like starcraft on. Its a pc exclusive and there should be more rts games rather than portable games that the pc gets always shafted in. Honestly there is no other answer except for pure lazyness on the developers side not doing...
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    Looking for Warhammer 40K video games that are good.

    Id assume get the gold otherwise its not worth getting the single playable stuff so this is it. Dawn of War 1, has more basebuilding less combat tactics more races and different kinds of units Dawn of war 2 has no basebuilding, more combat tactics and choices to flesh out your gear but at...
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    guy mails 7 years of bottle caps to Bethesda for Fallout 4...

    It would be funny if they decide to give the person a reward was named Festus, (new Vegas reference)
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    Does this Star Wars Game Exist?

    I had some time today to watch star wars again as its been a while,then I realized how cool it would be to fly an X-wing or tie-fighter in a dogfight. Is there a "modern game" like Elite Dangerous that is star wars where you can pilot many ships and do missions. I remember the old lucas arts...
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    So, the Witcher 2... Is it an improvement over the first one?

    I found Witcher 3 to do a complete flip of what you described about the past two games which I somewhat agree. Combat, lore , crafting and character development is great what is lacks is all those characters you had properly fleshed out for example Iorveth doesnt even exsist, Sigfried...
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    Poll: Can a game ever make you say "This game should not exist"?

    Wishfully thinking; Yes I would love to see the abolition of all moba's and mobile platform games, and those milking dlc games like hearthstone forever Reality; not really they should die out on their own naturally with time, just don't expect me to support those terrible games. P.S hope I...
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    Myth World Cup 1998-2015, potential last tournament

    To answer you question, most of the myth community are going to be transitioning to the game being awarded for the winners of this tournament, deadfall. Which I am actively participating in the Alpha stages in. Secondly the problem that nobody else has re-invigorated myth is because of the...
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    Myth World Cup 1998-2015, potential last tournament You can go here and there is a link to direct you to obtain myth and all the other bits and pieces you may be interested in.
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    Myth World Cup 1998-2015, potential last tournament

    sorry fixed url, was meant to be, and the unit trading value of a trow to the security question is 24
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    Myth World Cup 1998-2015, potential last tournament

    Just to clarify there was no real ideal place to post this, and due to the age of the game there is limited amount of players and only so many places to souce new recruits Take 2 and Bungie no longer support our online community. IF YOU CARE ABOUT GAMING HELP KEEP OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY ALIVE...
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    Blizzard is getting more and more greedy

    I am one of those diehard anti MMO/ MOBA players. Honestly I don't care if you like playing that childish filth its not what appeals to me. However what does annoy me is that the final expansion for Starcraft II has taken absolute ages to be released, later than this woeful micro-transaction...
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    Why did BioWare not do a good job with DA: Inquisition?

    Easily why dragon age failed for me. Origin, I refuse to have that kind of platform malware on my computer, steam is enough and has that market under control without question. Also the paid dlc, the fake and tacky albeit politicly correct undertones in Dragon Age because of EA trying to appease...
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    So that Witcher 3, eh?

    For the record I refuse to even talk about stalker because you are hijacking or otherwise elaborating too much on irrelivant material to the witcher 3, make your own topic if you care so much about it. Keep quoting me on petty grammar errors for all I care, you clearly have no further subject...
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    So that Witcher 3, eh?

    @Marxie Ive played all kinds of games and only dark souls with its embarrasing port I could not play. I actually find it funny because your one of those people who played a single game, devoted yourself to mashing the same uber combo and now can't actually adapt to any other game. Ive...
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    Suggest PC games that can fill a Bloodborne-shaped hole in my heart, that aren't Dark Souls.

    If surivval horror is your thing I suggest you check this out Be aware to "fart Lightly" and not type Fart or you will lose. Anyway bet you can't figure it out unless you search the net for answers :D