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    Going Up! Canadian Company Granted U.S. Patent For A Space Elevator

    Thinking about the movies with space elevator featured in them but not too many i guess. The only fiction coming tomind is EVE Empyrean Age book. Not on earth but space elevator nontheless. Warhammer 40k universe probably has them as well but still no movie.
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    Poll: Are physical copies of PC games dead?

    I wish i could say I hope they are dead. We live in 21st century, why would anyone want to touch things like DVDs. Sooner they are dead the better. On the other hand i get it with the internet problem. I have some 16mbit line. Might not be fastest out there but it's more than enough for my...
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    So, Titanfall will not be sold in South Africa...

    And what if you buy it for example here : ? Might be working (tho watch out, by all means i am NOT saying it will work).
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    Recommend me a good gaming laptop.

    I was on gaming laptops for some time now (migrated back to regular PC 2 some 2 months ago). If you don't care about the price tag go Alienware. It's Dell produced (so not bad quality at all), there is some configurator for customization and they are oriented to gamer community. Pretty much...
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    Anyone else got Planetary Annihilation?

    While we are waiting for the PA to get full release i recommend you go check out Total Annihilation. PA is supposed to be successor to that so it might be worth of your time. Supreme Commander 2 was really bad in my opinion. I am really glad that PA did not turn to anything like that and they...
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    Poll: Am I disgusting for not paying for the first date?

    Equality of gender is non-sense if you ask me. Men are better in some things while women excel in other things and in some areas it's a tie. Why to make big deal out that. Voted "No" of course. Gentlemen my ***. Paying for someone is not mandatory. We are not thick skinned creatures. It's up...
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    Where Do You Work?

    Currently i work in analytics and statistics for one big international company (really big). Can't complain much about it. It's your typical corporate crap they try to roll on you. I was over 6 years in something similar before. Got even sick from stress once. Once you get used to the...
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    Anyone else got Planetary Annihilation?

    Yes i have it since Kickstarter campaign. It's great indeed. I wish i had more time to play it. It's just like good old Total Annihilation but bigger, with planets and all that stuff. I have yet to check out the latest update they released some days ago. Overall it's really good looking so far...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    I have escapist on white list in my adblock (so i am receiving ads). It's the way of supporting them and website is good. At work we don't have adblocks at all so that would be another point to add.
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    Homeworld Remastered Site Launches; Fan Input Still Wanted

    *throwing money at the monitor* Why is nothing happening. I really hope it's going to be as great as i remember in new graphics.
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    Why do we jump from MMO to MMO?

    MMOs are weird. Just like you mention. They make you grind same thing over and over, yet we do come back for more. I know that one of my targets that i will never meet (because genre is like that) is to find new shiny MMO with no grinding and farming. MMO that will give a lot of things to do...
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    This Coffee Maker Has DRM to Lock Out Competitor's Refills - Update

    What we have here at work (Rowenta brand) is lever one. You have place where you put your ground coffee and with some 15 bar pressure hot water goes through that into cup. After that you just empty the used coffee, wash it and you can make another with new coffee. Does that count? :)
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    This Coffee Maker Has DRM to Lock Out Competitor's Refills - Update

    Never heard of these Keurig machines really. What puzzles me is why would anyone go for coffee maker that uses pods in the first place? It goes totally in the opposite direction of getting the machine itself. Point of coffee maker is to have superb coffee taste because the coffee put inside was...
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    What Game Had the Most Wasted Potential

    Tera. Innovative combat THAT ACTUALLY WORKS but rest of the game is kinda meh. I blame EU distributor tho. Tera is allegedly pretty good in Korea. Sadly it "had to be" westernized for EU (by which i don't mean translation). And sadly they screwed all aspects of the game including the...
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    iOS and Android games I play right now.

    I am surprised that Osmos is not mentioned. One of the best android games out there by a long shot if you ask me. My second choice is FlowFree. Free to play connecting dots of same color, filling all fields with lines and not crossing any lines. Hundreds of levels and kind of addictive...