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    Poll: Spoilers! What do they mean?

    Spoilers are fine from an intellectual perspective (unless it's something like a murder mystery), but from an emotional one they can entirely ruin things. Knowing a character is going to be betrayed for example can lead to an interest in discovering the hows and the whys, but it also completely...
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    PS4 owners. What games do you currently have in your library?

    Bloodborne Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (digital) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Alien Isolation The Last of Us: Remastered The Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor Dragon Age: Inquisition Journey if that counts (I bought it on the PS3 and that means I could get it again on the...
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    Japanese Game Devs Pick Splatoon As Their Game of The Year

    Not that I disagree with the general point, but to answer your question, Bloodborne came second and was published by Sony.
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    Poll: Would you want Bioware to make KotOR 3?

    Like other people, I no longer have enough belief that Bioware would be capable of making a game that would live up to the previous ones. It is for the same reason I feel no hype at all for the next Mass Effect game. Bioware games have no soul any more. I also disagree that Inquisition was...
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    Marry Me

    I am not good at giving serious answers to these kinds of topics.
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    The Winter Steam Sale 2015 thread.

    I was bought some Steam Vouchers for my Birthday so I've used up most of that on: Mark of the Ninja's DLC - I like the game, the DLC was pretty cheap on offer. Invisible Inc's DLC - Same as above. Europa Universalis IV DLC - I chose most of the ones large enough to be Expansions. South...
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    Report: Russian Man Wants to Sue Bethesda Over Fallout 4 Addiction

    I wonder if I can do this with Riot Games to get the stupid amount I have spent on the game back... I would argue that while games themselves are not addictive, people can still be addicted to them. The issue stemming from the person, not the games themselves.
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    What do you think of Danny Dyer?

    Like a lot of the "Laddish" British actors/comedians, I suspect he is a lot less dumb than he pretends. I have only ever seen him on comedy shows like 8 out of 10 Cats and he has been kind of funny, but the persona (if it is one) is something I have always found grating.
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    Ghost in the Shell - First Assault - Early Access Cyberpunk

    It seems Early Access is not free. The game itself does list itself as F2P, so my guess is it will be once it leaves it. Which really isn't a positive thing, but it is published by Nexon, who apparently have a bad reputation of the money grubbing sort.
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    Ghost in the Shell - First Assault - Early Access Cyberpunk

    It's Ghost in the Shell and Free to Play so at the very least I will try it out, despite my reservations (and the fact that I am not that keen on shooters). It's kind of a clever way of doing things by having each side look like the bad guys and does fit well with the series in many ways. I...
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    Games do a lot of stupid shit don't they?

    Missing a 95% hit chance in X-Com on an enemy one tile away always makes me wonder how these soldiers got past basic training. I mean there's bad and then there's "This person shouldn't be allowed near a weapon" bad.
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    debit card( checking account) fraud?

    1) This week in fact. Someone tried using my card for a relatively small amount of money on a company in America. My bank blocked the payment and contacted me, cancelled my card and sent me a new one. 2) I am not sure really. I've been trying to think of how they might of gotten the details...
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    System Shock 3 In Development By Otherside Entertainment

    Oh no... I remember reading an article a few years back about why a System Shock 3 game would be a bad idea and it made a very good point. The gist of it being that SHODAN has already been the antagonist in two games so far and been defeated both times. To make her the villain yet again only to...
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    All Post-Launch Overwatch Heroes And Maps Will be Free

    It's actually $20 cheaper than a normal full priced game, so all things considered, it's not like people are getting ripped off. Micro-transactions as far as I am concerned are not really an issue as long as they are not pay-to-win or a part of a system where you are manipulated into getting...
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    All Post-Launch Overwatch Heroes And Maps Will be Free

    I could understand this response if people were going giddy and praising Blizzard for the decision, but people so far have merely been saying that the game may actually be worth getting now. I don't see anybody "worshipping" Blizzard here.