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    Morrowind graphics hate?

    That screenshot is modded, so it's not really a fair comparison. That said, Morrowind (despite its aged graphics) has plenty of atmosphere in the world to make up for it, plus the Overhaul mod can bring it up to modern standards anyway.
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    Poll: Which TES game hit the sweet spot?

    If I was recommending an Elder Scrolls game to a new player, I'd probably say Skyrim due to how it stands in the middle ground of complexity and simplicity, with Morrowind at the former end and Oblivion at the latter. But the one that hit the sweet spot for me is definitely Morrowind, it may...
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    Joining the glorious PC Master Race

    Another vote for the 360 controller here, it's the most commonly supported gamepad and is probably the best in terms of comfort and design anyway, plus it's fairly inexpensive.
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    Poll: Does the RPG Maker engine bother you?

    I've used RPG Maker a lot and it's a really good tool, I think it succeeds in being a simple engine that anyone can make a game with, but whilst also being complex enough that more advanced users can tweak things to their liking and do a little more with it. I don't think anyone can complain...
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    Poll: what Fallout 3 dlc should I play?

    Point Lookout. It gives you more of what Bethesda is good at: open ended environments to explore, which is a whole lot more content than the other DLCs can boast (not that they aren't worth a play eventually).
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    Poll: Picking a Steam game

    My vote goes to Kerbal Space Program, it's received a load of updates and is well worth playing and very fleshed out at this point, especially with all the mods available for it, turning it into a game where you can build any kind of flying machine you can imagine. Out of the three options, this...
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    3DS top screen yellow tint. Does it go away?

    That yellow tint isn't normal you know, should probably get a replacement.
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    The peope in GTA Online are horrible!

    It definitely makes the other person have a worse gaming experience, but I get a kick out of it and it improves my gaming experience. I know that sounds harsh, but they can always join a new server or make an invite only game.
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    The peope in GTA Online are horrible!

    I love GTA's open world chaos extending to online play, all I've done is drive around and kill other players on sight. A friend and I have been hunting down individuals and killing them over and over, we figured out how to kill them when they engage passive mode as well, as you can still run...
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    Hammerpoint trying to sell a renamed The Warz on Steam

    So what? They just changed the name, probably due to a legal issue, if anyone is stupid enough to buy it, then it's their own fault.
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    I remember playing some kind of JRPG on the PS2, which was vaguely feudal Japan in feeling, I also remember green fields and a fairly impressive city of some kind early on. Can't for the life of me remember the name though!
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    That one genre you will always love.

    Probably the Action RPG/Hack and Slash genre, games like Torchlight 2, Diablo, Dungeon Siege and Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes. I'm even planning on buying Dark Alliance 1 and 2 for my original Xbox just to quench my thirst for these loot driven games.
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    Total war shogun 2 coupon

    Sure, what's your Steam name and I'll trade it to you.
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    Total war shogun 2 coupon

    I have a 75% off Shogun 2: Total War voucher as well if anyone wants it. Shogun 2 for everyone!
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    LA Noire for PC

    Your system isn't really good enough for the game I'm afraid.