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    Feed Dump: Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

    Out-dark Cam?! Slow clap for Kathleen I guess
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    Guillermo del Toro: Pacific Rim 2 "Very Different" From the First

    Godspeed you crazy bastard! Show those Godzilla assholes how it's done (I wanted that film to be good so badly)
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    Trailers: Pillars of Eternity - Gameplay Teaser

    "Developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Published by Paradox Interactive." My body is ready!
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    Trailers: TaiChi Panda - E3 Trailer

    So generic Diablo clone with the added benefit of confusing parents/grandparents who want to buy a game and remember that one movie a while back with the Panda. I hope everybody involved in this loses money! The buyer sure will
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    Trailers: Rise of the Tomb Raider - E3 Trailer

    I'm trying very hard to think of a worst title. Tomb v. Raider: all out brawl?
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    Trailers: WildStar - Features Trailer

    This might be, gasp! Dare I dream?
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    Zero Punctuation: Might & Magic X: Legacy

    I wanted this game to be good so badly but it's not. It's a sad little Legend of Grimrock lookalike an a big step backward from MM6-8. Between this and the new Dungeon Keeper abomination I guess we really can't have nice things anymore
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    Feed Dump: Cold Mustard, Fresh Cocaine

    What about that discussion about cocaine?! I NEED TO KNOW!
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Hero We Deserve

    What do you mean there is no next time, YOU MONSTERS!
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    Feed Dump: 16 Skulls and a Burning Building

    Great episode :D
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    LoadingReadyRun: Munro's Meats

    This one was really great
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    Zero Punctuation: Pikmin 3

    I laughed at the German text for a few minutes. For reference, on the box it says "The nicer shit" while the TV text is "MMM You've eaten corn" XD
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    Feed Dump: Romanian Shampoo Wing Wong

    Kathleen is part Roumanian?! Well, that kinda makes sense in retrospect. Welcome to our totally not glorious and kinda embarrassing heritage!
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Whole Story: Batteries

    Love the mix of real fact with utter nonsense. And you are funny Paul! You're still funny!
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    Trailers: IL-2 Shturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad - Trailer

    A good warplane simulator with current day graphics?! I feel this is an empty niche right there