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    Pro Gamer Suspended For Saying He Had Sex With a 14-Year-Old

    One is given right there in the article - the 30k fine for cheating. I also remember a bit of a controversy around a korean pro gamer using maphacks or something like that... Hacks equal drugs in esports i suppose.
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    Poll: Why do people hate 3D?

    I can not see 3D movies as my eyes aren't working "at the same time" (ambilexia). I really wanted to see the Avengers movie, but I couldn't - as it was ONLY shown in 3D here. I actually looked up where a 2D version might be played, and it was more then 200km away. So yes - 3D can go die in the...
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    Diablo III Patch Restricts Access for New Players

    What do those votes say ? That consumers are sheep that will joyfully accept a 30 inch rectal probe up theirs if somebody promises them cake and baloons. Seriously - this is the worst kind of business practice I've seen in years, and it isn't getting any better, it is getting worse and worse...
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    Star Command Dev Reveals Where the Kickstarter Money Went

    There is a big difference between the "businessmen" stuck in big corporations like activision or Ubisoft and businessmen in small independent companies like mojang or theGamestation. You need a certain level of business know-how to pull off a good game or service, and not beeing able to...
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    Star Command Dev Reveals Where the Kickstarter Money Went

    Yes, you learn as you go, but only dedicating 4000$ out of 37000$ directly on the project at hand has me wondering how much they planned before they started their business. I don't doubt their intentions of creating a great game, but I question their ability to conduct serious business if they...
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    EA Explains Warhammer 40K Tanks in C&C Concept Art

    QFT EA is run by El Senior Corporate Comander, as depicted by the splendid Angry Joe:
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    Mass Effect 3: Retake This

    It's kinda hard to rewrite the ending to a book - with a game so loaded with DLC it wouldn't have been that hard to alter the ending... with the state of affairs, given that the ending is absolutly attrocious, a "proper ending" should have come naturally and free. I'm happy that I didn't buy...
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    New SimCity Will Require Always-On Internet - UPDATED

    Well, if they don't WANT my money, fine - other companies still do. A new sim city would have been nice, but that kind of DRM is an absolute no-go. Oh, its on origin as well ? Great - two reasons why I won't have to feel tempted.
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    Report: Bethesda Working On Elder Scrolls MMO

    Because WoW will be nearly extinct once a proper MMO in the Elder Scrolls worlds would be finished if they started development after Skyrim. They aren't keeping up with the industry, the game is stagnant and even hardcore players are jumping ship one after another. It's time is past. There is...
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    Dr. Horrible Sequel Coming Sooner Than You Think

    So this was what Joss hinted at during the "Desert Bus for hope" Interview ! Can't wait for it...
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    Feed Dump: Carcinogen Cola

    No... not at all. But since current forms aren't culling the stupid from the genepool fast enough, we might want to look into other options.
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    Notch Is Worried He Might Never Top Minecraft

    Rapidly churning out ideas to see if you could make a game out of it is called rapid prototyping fyi. From the pics of his TF2 demakes, MC2d etc. Thats exactly what he's trying to do, while the rest of mojang actually polishes the ideas and expands on them. It's a viable business model for a...
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    Rumor: Microsoft Doubles XBLA Achievement Totals [UPDATE]

    Gamerscore ? Oh, I think I have one somewhere... Since scores aren't consistent between games, it just means you have way too much time to waste on games rather then beeing actually skilled. Haven't heard WhiteRa,Bling or TLO bragging about their gamerscore at any rate...
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    Nexon: The $60 Model Has to Change

    You might want to factor in the cost for "Day 1 DLC" Into the cost - so you get around 70? for AAA Games from EA in the future. If you measure Nexon by Vindictus, I feel comfortable with their f2p approach. I've spent about 10? on the game, playing it from time to time over half a year...