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    Let's prove movie bob wrong : derive a moral from American Sniper

    That conclusion might be a bit stretched to take from the movie itself, but less so from real life. In fact, I get the impression that some critics wish the movie had made more of the ironic tragedy that Chris was killed while trying to help a PTSD-suffering fellow veteran with a trip to a...
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    Captain America 3 Is About What?!

    Yeah, I understand that Steve Rogers' comicbook portrayal is almost infuriatingly saintly in that he rarely have to deal with the consequences of being on the wrong side of an issue. As far as I can recall the most guilt he's ever shown is over Bucky [which wasn't all that necessary anyway]...
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    Captain America 3 Is About What?!

    I'm wondering if they'll make Ant-Man 'stand-in' for Spider-Man on this one.
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    Captain America 3 Is About What?!

    Except that as a concept the Civil War scenario is intriguing with lots of potential for both some though-provoking social commentary as well as some actually decent reasons for superheroes to be fighting one another with some actual consequence. It's arguably the most suitable crossover...
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    Hundreds of Students Dressed as Spiderman Set World Record

    "Event organizers asked participants to donate money to Help for Heroes, a UK military charity" In related news, Marvels offer to create and donate a 20 year anniversary reprint of the Clone Saga for the cause were turned down as the charity said their veterans had suffered enough.
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    Gone Girl and When Good Movies Happen to Bad People

    I agree. Of course, I'd prefer to take it that your intent is not to sneer at artists frustrated by those who consciously or unconsciously misinterpret the meaning of their work for the sake of being comfortable / finding something to be offended by. That kinda would suggest that it might be...
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    Uncivil War: Sonic the Hedgehog - Who Can Kill Less Robots?

    How about visiting the well of childhood trauma that is The Binding of Issac? Playing with only one heart. Yes, the roguelike elements make it a potentially asymettrical competition but on the plus side it would test the players instinctive [rather than rote] gameplaying skills. Besides, it's an...
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    Anita Sarkeesian + Hitman Absolution = Epic Fail

    The point is simply being aware that people will likely raise an eyebrow if the rapist is the only black character as it will feel [again perhaps unjustly] as if a point is being made about race with the characterisation. Again, it goes back to the original point that you have to be careful if...
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    Anita Sarkeesian + Hitman Absolution = Epic Fail

    I think you need to step away from the strawman here. I may be being overpresumptive here but I'm pretty sure bobleponge was specifically making the point that such images need some significant context in order to be justified. He wasn't close to saying we shouldn't have bad black guys who get...
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    Taking On "Detrimental" Isometric Game Design

    But... do you not feel like Bastion and Transistor did the whole Isometric thing rather effectively? Perhaps less so with Transistor since much of the novelty factor had gone but at least with Bastion I can't imagine the game being better presented as a 2D or even 3D platformer. The layout...
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    Jimquisition: Batman Is Everything Wrong With Square Enix

    Halo was the flagship FPS for the XBox and was therefore adopted by Xboxers [and Microsoft] as their esxclusive mascot. Let's be honest, everyone else doesn't really care all that much about Master Chief [the most they'll tell you is that he's that Guy from Halo] but he's special to Xboxers. The...
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    Jimquisition: Batman Is Everything Wrong With Square Enix

    Most 'iconic' game characters become so on the back of the quality or innovativeness of their games. Pac Man, Mario, Link, Master Chief, Samus, Solid Snake, Gordon Freeman, Cloud etc. are icons largely because their respective games are so popular and more often than not rather ground-breaking...
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    Man Kills Self While Taking a Selfie With a Gun Wonders if the Media will be able to tie these two together to say that playing GTA IV obviously inspired this act of stupidity...
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    Jimquisition: Batman Is Everything Wrong With Square Enix

    I feel like part of the issue here is a clash of cultural aethestics. Even if Square Enix has made a few 'westernising' concessions in recent years it is still fundamentally based around very Japanese ideals. That Batman is a pretty stereotypical example of 'What if 'X' was a Power Ranger?'...
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    Man Kills Self While Taking a Selfie With a Gun

    I'd imagine he might have suffered from a lethal case of 'crossed wires' and pressed with his right instead of his left hand. As for all the people shaming those who are mocking this guy- laughing at death and dead people is what human beings do. Generally there's an expectation of waiting a...