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    Why Is Fox Hiding The Fantastic Four?

    But at the same time, Marvel is fully willing to make radical changes from the comics. Mandarin... just, Mandarin. Ok, so they kinda brought it back to comics with the "All Hail the King" short, but Iron Man 3 played completely fast and loose with the Mandarin's origin story. And it worked...
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    Can Dark Souls (2) be considered a JRPG?

    Strange that no one has mentioned extra credits yet. They did a whole 3 episode thing on this very topic: Short answer: No. Dark Souls is not a JRPG despite being made in Japan. Long answer: JRPGs focus primarily on telling a story with...
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    No Right Answer: Superman vs Captain America - Most Patriotic Superhero

    ... why are we having a Cap vs Supes debate, and drinking out of a Spiderman glass, and a Baltimore ravens glass? Get some Captain America and Superman glassware. Make sure it's clean (I hear that your glasses are filthy) and do the spit take challenge proper like. P.S. The whole...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    What day is this? Tuesday is Bob day, not Jim day. Well lucky us, today gets to be Jim and Bob day. Jiob day? Boim day? Anyway, topic at hand: I simply can't lay blame on the advertisers. Sure, they're the ones who create the awful, intrusive, format screwing adverts... but I firmly...
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    Jimquisition: Irrational Decisions (Or Freedom In Chains)

    I agree with your lament. Bioshock, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls (epecially Skyrim), Dragon Age: Origins, Assassin's Creed (except maybe the 5th one:#3), Dishonored, Spec Ops: The Line ... there are plenty of big budget AAA titles with a single player focus, compelling story arcs, character...
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    Titanfall is the Most Fun FPS I've Played Since Team Fortress 2

    Oddly enough, if you actually read my post, I answered all of your questions/gripes already. Walmart would have to FIRST be selling their shirts in other stores (like you could previously buy EA games on steam) and then pull them back because given the option, no one will visit Walmart...
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    Titanfall is the Most Fun FPS I've Played Since Team Fortress 2

    Camping is a lot harder when there are giant freaking mecha roaming around with missle launchers and other overkill-tastic weaponry ... also when the non-mecha can just wall run up behind you and stab you right between the buttcheeks
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    Titanfall is the Most Fun FPS I've Played Since Team Fortress 2

    Mostly because it's another digital storefront with another installer trying to scrape data for targeted ads and another set of username/password to deal with, when really, it's all very unnecessary. Imagine the real-world analog. Imagine if you could no longer buy (for example) Disney movies...
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    Escape to the Movies: Pompeii

    I would just like to announce that I am, indeed, hooked on a feeling. I might even go so far as to say that I'm high on believing. That I'm in love with a smarmy raccoon firing an assault rifle while riding on a treant. I mean seriously... I was a little *meh* on the whole GotG vibe...
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    Jimquisition: Steam Needs Quality Control

    Brick and mortar stores already have a mechanism in place to curtail this behavior, though it will never be eliminated completely Shelf space. A retail store in the physical world can only display as many games as they can fit on the shelves. So it's in their best interest to NOT waste...
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    The Big Picture: The Devil You Know - Part I

    Interesting nerd-culture fact, in regards to your last bit there. The movie Dogma mentioned a similar interpretation for Hell. Per the movie, Hell was originally just nothingness for Angels. For those who'd been in the presence of God, to be alone and without Him was punishment enough...
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    No Right Answer: Most Insulting Movie Sequel

    Kyle could have had it, but you picked the wrong Transformers sequel. Michael Bay's first Transformers is the worst sequel ever, because it's following THIS :
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    Movie Defense Force: The Chronicles of Riddick

    That, plus a little hint of Masters of the Universe.
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    Jimquisition: Early Access

    I'm generally OK with the concept of "Early Access" provided a few key points 1) Clearly labeled as such. 2) Reduced in price. Not just as compared to AAA titles, but compared to similar titles. If 7 Days to Die feels that their completed product is a $35 value, then price the Early...
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    Context, Challenge and Catharsis

    Respectfully, that depends a lot on your definition of "enjoy" How many people watch _Steel Magnolias_, cry their eyes out ... and then rewatch it a few months later. How many people went into _Passion of the Christ_ expecting an enjoyable time? I use movies as an example, as they've...