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    Crusader Kings II was free on Steam

    When I played the demo years ago, I thought it was thoroughly boring and forgettable. After finding out how unbearably pretentious and preachy it was, Humblebundle would have to pay me to play it now.
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    15" Laptop vs 17" Laptop

    Both of my laptops (current and previous) are 17". I've tried using smaller sizes, but most of the ones I've come across don't have the extra numerical keypad off to the right, and the way my hands rest on the keyboard need the greater spread. 17" all the way.
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    New Far Cry 5 trailer showcases the villain.

    Only if it's Christian or Jewish. But hey, it's not like there's an actual religion causing mayhem and establishing fascistic governments wherever it exists. Oh wait, there is.
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    In what situation is it socially acceptable for a 20 year old to date a teenager?

    It depends. Are you female or are you male but planning on driving a truck of peace in the near future? If so, then by current year American standards, it's totally fine.
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    Poll: A Drastic Measure to Save the Escapist - Mass Unbanning

    I say amnesty for all. We need to build bridges, not walls around this site.
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    EA purchases Titanfall developer, Respawn Entertainment and their IP for 455 million currencies

    Well hey, at least this time EA is using their unholy powers for good. Nothing of real value be lost with the fall of Respawn.
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    Taco News - Activision to Sell Games in Lootboxes

    Wait, that wasn't real!? Someone help me, I can't discern satire from reality! Things are so confusing when you can't understand nuance and context.
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    Taco News - Cuphead Developer Calls Journalists Wimps

    The only thing about this article I found surprising is that it's actually far more honest and accurately portrays game journalists despite being obvious satire. And deep down, part of me wishes that more devs had that over-the-top no shits given attitude.
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    What's Your Desktop Background?

    The symbol of my hardscrabble meme-farming brothers and sisters, the Kekistani flag.
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    Check Out How the Nazis Have Taken Over Game Shows in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    Oh don't worry, that's coming in about ten to fifteen years. Probably more like five years in Europe and Canada. Though in Europe it'll be Islamic or Else.
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    American Gods...How is this good?

    I'm just wondering at what point someone puts a fatwa on all the people involved because of this. I really hope everyone on the show has good bodyguards.
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    8 Games We Wish We'd Seen at E3 2017

    You should check out the PlayStation (or PlayStation EU) YouTube page where they have at least a new trailer for Call of Cthulhu, and it looks really cool.
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    Tim Schafer Says Double Fine Will "Someday" Make Brutal Legend 2

    Yeah, and someday I might stop thinking Tim Schafer is an asshole. However, I'll bet money on Brutal Legend 2 coming out first.
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    Days Gone E3 Demo Features a Giant Zombie Bear

    I, for one, am totally with you. Just because bears always eat people doesn't mean you're violent...even though you do eat people and support the eating of people by fellow bears. Besides, I'm sure you practice a bear religion of peace.
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    A Genie comes to you and gives you three wishes. What do you wish for?

    First wish, the religion of Islam never existed. Second wish, the theory of communism/socialism never existed. Third wish, a Coke. You're welcome, hundreds of millions of people who are now alive because they weren't killed by those awful things.