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    Das Paradox

    Solution: There is no such thing as "a point in time". It is simply a theoretical invention, that 1. is used to deny interaction, and 2. is a necessary evil of how our thought structures work: To define a range/area, we need to define where that range/area begins and ends... so, boundaries...
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    What to do when the power is out.

    I would enjoy the candlelight :) About the only thing i would probably start thinking about, is how to recharge my laptop in the absense of electric power. For everything else, i do not see much issues, unless we're talking more than a month without electricity.
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    Poll: Useage based billing

    Correct, ressources are always limited anyways - if at most, the connection speed. What flatrates usually refer to (sans a "fair use"-policy in fineprint) is being online at max speed 24/7 (though, for obvious reasons, no ISP will actually tolerate this). What i consider fraudulent in my above...
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    Poll: Useage based billing

    One of my inet connections has a 10GB cap, and i'm living in germany. But thats because of the involved technology (UMTS). The issue with that tech, is that all users in an area share the same bandwidth. Thus, in theory a single user could achieve very high speeds, yet if all users use the net...
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    Ambient music

    Found it! (Hint: Do not skip forward - the slow and repetitive lead in is necessary for the later effect to work. Also, you may want to set the vid to fullscreen)
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    A World Without Currency

    That doesn't sound so different to be honest. Still, you're ignoring one of the big advantages of a commodity that can universally and without "decay" store wealth. The two major issues with having not standardized commodity to store wealth are this: 1. Decay. Take for example foodstuffs...
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    Duke Nukem and sexism

    I think one needs to distinguish between two aspects here: aspect 1: Personal preferences. To take me as an example: Even though my attitude is gender neutral, i appreciated to some extend the sarcasm and parody of the original duke nukem 3d (not the current reincarnation). I liked it simply...
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    A World Without Currency

    I do not think that a large scale economy (beyond district scale) can efficiently work without "something" that works like a currency. The main feature of "currency" here is to efficiently "store" wealth. I do NOT think that this commodity needs to be fiat money (actually, i consider fiat...
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    Poll: Useage based billing

    Depends on the price. There quite simply are capacity limits - no ressource is "unlimited".... the best case that could be made for a "flatrate" which actually could in theory be delivered to every customer, is there being enough traffic for everyone downloading at max speed 24/7 - but such a...
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    Ambient music

    Ambient is regularily playing here, mainly because of.... well, you know that old quote "Ambient should be as interesting as it is ignorable".... often, i have music playing simply as background atmosphere... bit like room decoration... and ambient fits that requirement. As for my definition...
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    "I think, therefore I am."

    Actually, claiming that something does not exist, simply because of its location... is even more arrogant, because it makes existence a matter of personal preference. And similarily, claiming that chauvinism is "human nature" (which is nothing else than claiming that it is predetermined for...
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    "I think, therefore I am."

    I don't. Instead, i take your thread-title as what it implies: Proving that i am. Proof: Something that doesn't exist, cannot have any consequences. Conversely: Consequences must happen because of something. What this actually means: There cannot be interactions, without there being...
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    Games That Time Forgot

    Man, i loved magic carpet, and the irony is that the biggest fun wasn't even in singleplayer.... get a buddy on the lan, and you're unable to stop playing for hours. I wouldn't really put it into the FPS corner... the gamemechanics are too different to an FPS.... thanks mainly to the way castles...
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    Poll: If consoles really do go extinct, wo would you think is to blame?

    I don't really see "consoles" going extinct.... creating a machine specifically for being (cost-)efficient for a specific task is something general - consoles aren't really anything special in that regard. Even if the console market would crash, new ones would just after a while emerge...
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    Poll: Do you think aliens look like humans but with a few differences or exactly like humans?

    I think you're mistaking "similiar morals" for "different morals". Master/Slave morals are human. If you encounter something different, then it will be so different, that you aren't even capable of noticing the difference, and will in typical-human fashing instead try to interprete it according...