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    DARPA Seeks Gamer Help To Test Military Software Vulnerability

    Step up and help darpa? Sorry im already giving to the NSA, cant stretch myself too thin.
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    Report: Xbox One Not as "Sold Out" as Microsoft Claims

    This, this a lot. Maybe its because im a pc gamer,maybe its because im getting older but the media does seem to be attempting to stir up both mobs and it doeant seem to be taking that much.
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    Shroud of the Avatar's Player-Made Weapons Can Become Artifacts

    Hey escapist, do you know what my reaction is when i see "read the full story at warcry"? "Why?, im at escapist". Seriously, its adding nails into escapists coffin, not helping.
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    Escapist News Now: D4 Xbox One Gameplay Preview

    Wow a solid quicktime event... oh yay, how will i contain my .... errr... apathy?
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    Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Screens Show Fang

    God i wish they would let this shit die. Go back to your roots and the better games.
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    Star Citizen Funding Hits $25 Mil, Secures Aussie and EU Servers For Alpha

    In all seriousness what game? what did i miss! and OT: panting like a virgin on prom night for this.
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    Amnesia Dev Teases Possible Sci-Fi Title

    ok bottom right says system malfunction, the japanese text says: (bottom left) "right row" (top row - this has a few possibilities as its not in context) "exit/appears/come out" So mostly bloody useless :P EDIT: Anyone more familiar with JQuery than i am...
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    Mojang's Scrolls Gets Major Update in October

    I said the same damn thing!
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    Sony Wants PlayStation Streaming to PCs, Tablets and Smartphones

    The direction they seem to be thinking about: full streaming support, seems like an excellent idea for me. Primarily because I have the bandwidth and lack of datacap. Hopefully they release it to Japan first this time grr.
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    Diablo III's Auction House And Always-Online Aren't Going Anywhere

    I agree with krathos i play it online with mates, the rmah never cost me a cent and fine into lvl 60 on hell. Looking forward to the new loot system though! Edit: damn fat thumbs on a mobile
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    Torchlight 2 Devs Have "No Plans" For Console Release

    As much as enjoyed torchlight 1 i feel that 2 didnt hit the mark as well. Both my wife and i played it we didnt bother finishing it, the storyline didnt mesh as well with either of us. I dont think were the only ones, hence a lack of console port. Its a shame we had high hopes.
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    Unity Adding 2D Development Tools

    Both yay and god-damnit. Just about at alpha testing a2d game in unity..... Woyld have been easier with this lol. Oh well. Still happy.
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    SimCity Mac Launch Runs Into Trouble

    I have a question, has the pc version gotten cheetah speed back yet?
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    Sony: Xbox One Policies Were A Surprise To Us

    Sony, its ok. You won our hearts, no need to cover you arse. Now give me a jpn release date! Hehe.
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    Miracle of Sound: The Call (The Elder Scrolls Online)

    As always loving your work. God i wish i could afford to hire you for my indie game :P (although that would probably make the audio outshine my work haha).