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    Escapist Under New Management (Again)

    I'm genuinely amazed to read this. In the past I used to visit this site daily and I hope to do so again soon! Here's to a fresh start!
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    Europa Universalis IV Welcomes Your Crusader Kings II Saves

    It has the same core mechanics, but focuses more on national politics, not personal politics. It's a bit more "standard" grand strategy.
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    Completely innocent things you do that make you look like a serial killer

    And years later, when the killing starts, this image will be the only thing found at the scene of the crime...
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    Completely innocent things you do that make you look like a serial killer

    In my room I have a medieval crossbow, a medieval dueling dagger, a Venetian mask and a book about medieval torture. Combined with the fact that I ussually wear a long, black coat, dress fancy and wear a hat which casts a shade over my eyes.....
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    My first shiny!

    My first shiny was the legendary Pokemon from Ruby. at the time however, I thought it was a bug and deleted the save game since I thought it was broken. Only a few years later I discovered that it was in fact, not a bug.
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    Escapist Podcast: 089: Religion in BioShock, David Jaffe and Playing Nice

    This sound's weird, but I actually had to check if the escapist had add's. I just don't notice them anymore, so I don't really get why you would use add blockers. The only add's that annoy me are the one's with sound... Those may just disappear into the deepest pit of hell to continue they're...
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    Miracle of Sound: Dream of the Sky (BioShock: Infinite)

    First part: yeah, this is allright.. then comes the more sinister music: holy crap, now THIS is a bioshock song! Then the perfect flow into the work-music makes it even better. If it wasn't enough, the whole Iris bit is just incredible. Did you speed up the vocals or something, because bloody...
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    Miracle of Sound: Half Man's Song (Game of Thrones)

    Is that a mockingbird I hear in the background, or am I imagining things? But anyway, great song!
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    LoadingReadyRun: Men Easter

    I actually laughed at something from the internet. Very well done! Also, we need more manly Jesus.
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    Weird game "habits"?

    In any RTS game I first need to make a incredibly well defended base before I even start scouting. No matter if I need to attack or if it's a stupid strategy, I need to build a far-more-defended-than-I-need base. I lost many times thanks to that "habit".
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    OH NO! you just died!

    Europa Universalis III. If he doesn't know how to play it, wich is more than likely, he's got no chance! I don't even have to play, he'll just defeat himself.
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    Your most Memorable Strategy game Expirence

    Not sure if grand strategy counts, but this one I also remember. I've been playing a single game of Europa Universalis III now for about a year now with a friend. We started in 1399. He started playing as the Byzantine Empire, wich was almost completly smashed by the ottomans. I started as...
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    Your most Memorable Strategy game Expirence

    Must be a game of red alert 3 I had with a friend. We bassicly decided to give each other about 2 hours to build up a massive army, and all the defences we could build. During that time, we wouldn't attack eacht other, so in the end we both ended up with huge armies. He was the Allies, I was the...
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    Can you defend yourself?

    I would be doomed, no matter what. I've never fought in my life, I have no body strenght, and can't stand pain. Also, I do not know how weapons work. So in a fight I'm completly usseless.
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    Damn it, stop making me rich!

    I just started playing the game, so I'm not that good with economy and stuff. My inflation is sky high, and I can barely afford any troops. But maybe it gets easier the more you play it.