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    Your Favorite Episode of A Series

    It is hard to apply 'favourite' to something so soul-churning and brutal as "Ozymandias" from Breaking Bad, but it's the best hour of TV I have ever watched. "Hardhome" from Game of Thrones deserves a mention; the ending of the episode being one of the finest in the show. "Crushing Blow: The...
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    Zero Punctuation: Dead Rising 4

    TAKE ALL OF MY LOVE. ... But in all seriousness, the time limit was one of the elements that brought me *into* the franchise. It brings such a freshness to the world to know that it's not centred on you--it's not waiting on you to proceed. It pushes you to make choices, prioritize...
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    Civilization VI New Ideas for Civs and Leaders.

    Hungary -- Matthias Corvinus [] The Papacy (or Papal States) -- Pope Leo I [] Venice -- Andrea Gritti [] ... would be new states and new leaders.
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    replaying games

    Does anyone else find themselves really loathe to replay games because, even with ones that you adore, there are always sections that you remember disliking? I feel as if it's a real problem ...
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    The BFG - No, Not the Doom Gun

    I was turned off by this film as soon as I saw their interpretation of the bad giants ... In the animated film the giants are genuinely quite frightening, especially for a child audience, which is as it should; the new giants on the other hand, just large people ... The Fleshlumpeater from...
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    And thus concludes Game of Thrones season 6.

    I agree that Cersei's wildfire plan was predictable and she would *try* to take down her enemies, but I think there were a number of different directions it could have gone in: the deaths of most of the Small Council in the Sept was far from the only outcome. That's why it feels to me like a...
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    The Shallows - Finally, a Worthy Jaws Successor?

    I came here just to say that The Reef is another good shark film that's worth a watch. Effective use of actual footage of sharks really pays dividends. But might catch this at some point.
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    And thus concludes Game of Thrones season 6.

    If you and your friend circle foresaw Cersei blowing up the Sept and with it causing the deaths of 7 major characters, to be followed by the death of another, then I absolutely take my hat off to you; I certainly didn't, and I've also read the books. ... But honestly, the direction, score...
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    X-Men - Apocalypse - It's the End of the World as We Know It

    I enjoyed it, but it was undoubtedly the weakest of the new trilogy. Mostly because it was simultaneously very long and yet also rushed. However, I also think it's worth pointing out how unfair the comparisons have been to Civil War. Apart from their release dates, the two films are very...
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    Warcraft reviews not looking great

    Wasn't there already that direct-to-online one? I gave it a wide berth, and that's as a fan of the series. I feel as if the first properly good video-game film might be the Tomb Raider reboot; not sure about the upcoming Assassin's Creed.
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    Which active forum member has been on the Escapist the longest?

    I have wondered this before, as I have never thought of myself as one of the longest-active members on the forum but casually browsing some join dates I see I am not vastly far off ... Also think I was one of those lurkers who hesitated about joining for reasons unremembered.
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    X-Men: Apocalypse Cast Front and Center on New Empire Covers

    I very much am; I have been waiting for Apocalypse to feature in an X-Men film since they released the first one back in 2000. I don't think the number of films ought to diminish our excitement for them, and, indeed, going by recent form (Deadpool, First-Class, DOFP) they aren't diminishing in...
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    Ghostbusters Trailer - Holy s#!t, how is it this bad?

    Funnier and better than the Finding Dory trailer, over which I have genuine concern.
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    If you could experience one game for the first time again.

    A third vote for Dark Souls. It would be great to play again not only because it was an emotional experience of itself but because I had a blast playing it with a friend of mine; it would be great to get a chance to bond over that sense of wonder again.
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    Armello is a Wonderfully Unique Take on Fuzzy, Murderous Politics

    Been playing a fair bit of the game recently, and enjoying it very much. Having said that, I have a few issues with it: the Prestige victory is privileged as the option for most matches, and a Rot victory seems downright impossible; also it would be a lifesaver if they could implement a rejoin...