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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode Two: Poker Night

    Dude, I cried laughing when the zombie was tellin his story. Way better than last week. "'s like bobbing for apples, but with a..."
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    What game has the most climactic and downright wonderful ending? SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm not 100% sure, but I didn't see anyone who thought Portal had the best ending. I thought the boss fight at the end (while the computer makes fun of you the whole time) and then the song were very unique and funny. Portal gets my vote.
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    First online game?

    I played Runescape for the first 3 years of my online gaming. In fact I just let my membership run out last month... *hangs head in shame*
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    de-rez: Norman the Healer

    Lots of chuckles :D Thanks, Chris!
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    de-rez: Jack & George

    Wierd...but funny with a good message.
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    de-rez: The Final Days of the Man Responsible for SecuROM

    Hands down my favorite video ever. The Dawn of the Dead spoof was brilliant man. Nice one, Chris!
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    de-rez: Daniel's Story, Part Two

    I love zombies and sweet-ass coats. Thanks for making my week that much more entertaining, Chris.
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    Unforgotten Realms: Episode 12: Granny's Got a Brand New Bag

    Sweet ending to an awsome first season.
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    de-rez: Daniel's Story, Part One

    That one definatey had some funny moments. I love Chris' originality and variety. It always keeps me entertained.
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    de-rez: Team Fortress 2

    I laughed. Good job.
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    Zero Punctuation: Eve Online

    My best buddy is "playing" Eve every time I go to his house (which is why I try to avoid it at all costs), and I agree. "Boring" is the perfect one-word synopsis.
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    de-rez: F*** Microsoft!

    It wasn't really funny, but that's not why I love de-rez. ZP & Unforgotten Realms are under so much pressure to be funny that they're always the same, and therefore lose their entertainmenting-ness. I'm always interested to see what Chris is gonna do next because, even if it ain't hilarious...
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    Videogame Theater: Q-Bert, Part 1: Hello. My Name is Friend.

    Wow. The sad part is that I was really looking forward to this episode for a long time. A retarded character has so much potential. Shame...