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    Deep Silver Apologizes for Mutilated Dead Island Torso

    Imagine it's a dude's disembodied, mutilated, junk. With hips, maybe, but it's clearly showcasing the junk. Let's say it has an erection. Overtly erotic. Now imagine a girl saying "That's cute and I want one." Imagine the sort of girl who spends money on a gore-spattered wang and then puts it...
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    Mass Effect 3 Director Addresses Ending Controversy

    And that would be great, if the ending actually had any of those things.
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    After nearly three decades.... I realized something today.

    The Legend of Zelda is never really about Zelda.
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    Poll: ME3 ending DLC(Spoilers are likely)

    I disagree. I just spent three games getting invested in these characters and this universe, and then all three endings pretty much ask me to wipe it all out for vaguely-stated philosophical reasons. The whole game was about saving the galaxy as you know it from destruction, but none of the...
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    The Big Picture: Not Okay

    You know, for most of us, "don't be an asshole" isn't some kind of huge imposition.
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    One Million Moms Want Same-Sex Archie Comic Out of Toys 'R' Us

    Oh, certainly. Because if humanity has one pressing concern going into the new millennium, it's our low breeding rate. Stop being gay, everybody, or our species will lose its ecological niche! Regardless of whether or not there is an evolutionary problem with homosexuality, I fail to see how...
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    One Million Moms Want Same-Sex Archie Comic Out of Toys 'R' Us

    I'd say you're either a bigot or not a very good Christian. Own up to the label you've chosen or set it aside.
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    You missed the point. The biggest hurdle is having a PC that can run current-gen games at all. If you want to sufficiently outdo console performance to make it worth your while, you practically need a degree in computer engineering. Load times are nothing compared to getting a popup that tells...
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    If I could go to the store and pick up a box that certifiably contained a PC that would run all the games I wanted it to run, I would buy it in a heartbeat. As it stands I can't be bothered to spend eight hundred dollars for an amateur computer assembly project that may or may not run what I...
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    So, now that the Mass Effect 3 Demo is out...

    I'm very satisfied with the demo. The combat is fast and gratifying, the art direction is much more well-rounded and reminiscent of the first game, and the rpg elements are deeper (though they could stand to be more so.) Also the multiplayer is genuinely excellent. Pleasant surprise. The...
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    BioWare's Lead Writer Resigns

    Hmm. Just another reason to assess the quality of Bioware games with caution and healthy skepticism in the future, I suppose. They really did peak around Mass Effect 1 for me.
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    Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lesson.

    Seconded. I don't know if there's a more elegant metaphor for conservative America's relationship with the modern age than a Southern father unloading a gun into a laptop. It's just desperate, reactionary, emotional defiance. Being a parent may not be how he imagined it being, but shooting up...
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    Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lesson.

    Maybe he'd have a better relationship with his daughter if he didn't unload a firearm into an expensive piece of technology because she made him angry.
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    Obama: "Turn off the video games and pick up a book."

    To which I say, put down Twilight and play some BioShock!