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    Escape to the Movies: Interstellar - Doesn't Live Up To Its Own Name

    This movie was pure ecstasy for me when I watched it. Not a moment went by when I wasn't enjoying the story, in tears or nearly having an awesome induced, brain overload. "love transcends space and time." It sounds cheesy, but it's true! Love will always be with you, no matter where in space...
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    Escape to the Movies: Interstellar - Doesn't Live Up To Its Own Name

    I just got back from the movie, and I can't disagree more with what Bob is saying. This was the greatest movie I've seen this year. The effects, the acting, the scenario's. It felt like love was being made to my brain. If you have even the smallest interest in sci-fi, you NEED to see this...
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    Doctor Who's New Character is Danny Pink

    Has Doctor Who ever had just one male companion with him? He has had male and a female companions over the years but i don't remember him having just one guy with him.
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    Common Sci-Fi tropes that annoy you!

    I hate techno babble when it's used as magic. If you use Techno babble atleast keep it consistent and set basic rules what your magic technology can and can't do. The stargates for example have set rules about what they can and can't do. 1: It's one way 2: A gate can have either an...
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    Day of the Doctor thread SPOILERS!

    IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!! OT: It actually gives a possible explanation about Rassilon and the Ultimate sanction General's aid: The high council is in an emergency session, They have plans of their own. Time lord general: To hell with the high council Their plans have already failed...
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    Blizzard: Expect More WoW Expansions, Sooner

    What's wrong with Vashj'ir? D: I loved that zone, It looked good the quests were fun and you got to ride around on a sea horse.
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    Elder Scrolls Anthology Tells the Whole Tale of Tamriel

    More maps? *looks at my framed skyrim map* These will be excellent additions to my collection, I also never got around to getting the oblivion and skyrim PC versions so this will be awesome.
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    California Senator Wants Fewer Guns in Games

    Yeah you're right wrong joke for her Can you edit that out of your post i don't want to get 20 posts correcting that mistake?
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    California Senator Wants Fewer Guns in Games

    I'll give you my controller when you pry it from my cold, dead hands OT: Dear Americans if you want to be viewed in a less negative light don't elect these people. *Edited for a better joke*
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    Battlefield 4 Goes Hollywood in its Official Gameplay Debut

    I wonder how heavily butchered this game will have to be to run on 6 year old hardware.
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    Arma 3 Developers Talk AI Ahead of March Alpha

    Well 24 years ago the idea of the Soviet Union disbanding, The USA attacking Iraq, a genocidal war in the Balkans breaking out, The World Trade Center being destroyed and then The USA attacking Afghanistan as a retaliation and then attacking Iraq again and then getting their first black...
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    GameStop CEO Says "Wow" to Battlefield 4 Preview

    Considering the transition from bad company 2 to battlefield 3 this will probably have even more dumbed down destruction physics to accommodate consoles (This is what you could do in the alpha before the design focus shifted to consoles) the gunplay will be crappier and the sounds will be...
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    Higgs Boson Points to End of Whole Universe

    But if that is true won't there at the edge of that old universe be the remnants of another even older one?
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    So, MLP season 3 is finally over. What are your thoughts on the season?

    I liked it but i feel like it should have been a two parter. There were also surprisingly many songs. Also Why are there so many bronies on this website who don't use the chat group ;_; It desperately needs more new blood
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    US Military Testing Jet-Mounted Lasers in 2014

    If the US military stopped spending so much money on ways to kill brown people they might actually be able to get their economy back on track.