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    Thank you for the response. Normally I wouldn't bother with a "Critical Miss", but I did find this one interesting with respect to what you have pointed out. That for as much as the academic is a characterature on one's T-Shirt; the non-academic is a characterature on the academics T-Shirt...
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    The comic strip points at the fundamental issue with the discussion of the "high art" or "work of art" as composition status with so called video games. Like a lot of polemic rubbish in the academic and pseudo academic circles the discourse of this comic starts with a statement rather than an...
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    Star Control Reboot Emerges From the Wreckage of Atari

    Star Control was already remade its called Mass Effect.
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    Looking for RPGs

    Infinite Space Nintendo DS One of the best if not the best game on the system, easily in my top 10 games of all time. Treat yourself, your worth it.
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    David Jaffe Joins Indie Developer Pixelbionic

    If they are able to secure some of the license to the Car Wars and Auto Duel Pen and Paper games... there is some promise in this. Looking forward to it. Heck Lord Brit didn't even bother to change the box art from the pen n' paper game... Maybe Jaffe will get it right and not rub...
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    Convince Me To Stay

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! EPIC POST! Bruce Campbell is the best part of T:F, anywho... let your quest be ever more quenched... I still have the original box to this little gem... you young cats... hehehe! As far as the OP goes... dunno guy... go play FC:Blood Dragon or something... or Monaco...
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    Leviathan: Warships Launches a Big Boat, Baby

    I picked it up but... then again most my steam library is strategy games... really liked Frozen Synapse... really liked Gratuitous Space Battles... Gimbal was loads of fun... and this looked like a nice breeding of all those... haven't played it yet but the download is done. Kind of game I...
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    Describe the Internet! Picture Round!

    Yeap... that has just about got it... I see others are trending the same direction... although suspiciously devoid of cats...
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    Having an Open but Critical Mind. RE: Atlas Shrugged

    Ahh that is interesting, thanks for sharing. This doesn't actually surprise me though, "found herself a hero", is not dissimilar to "romantic at heart". Additionally one guy does not a society make. Now in all fairness, Hickman was "not" The Hero, only aspects of Hickman's personality and...
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    Having an Open but Critical Mind. RE: Atlas Shrugged

    I suppose it depends on how one wants to look at it. Objectivism does address it, and has an expectation set forth as a part of it's epistemology. Rand is addressing the failures of the implementation of the Marxist ideology -> Stalinist socialism. Under that system the "possibility" of...
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    Having an Open but Critical Mind. RE: Atlas Shrugged

    Ayn Rand's objectivism is an extremely challenging philosophy to work through if one is well versed in the existentialist or Zen Buddhist philosophies and traditions. I have personally known quite a few Buddhist whom adopted or struggled with many aspects of it. Objectivism is common in quite...
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    Personality test time!

    INTJ... sounds about right...
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    Sony Wants More Women Interested in PS4

    Ahhh! Totally forgot about THAT! Yeah my primary store sold out of em... then I was moving em around our district, then the district ran out... good times good times. MemoriESSSS Soooo mannnnyyyy Memorrries! (and awkward retail moments)... such as "returns for defective units", or "used...
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    Sony Wants More Women Interested in PS4

    "We are not going down the route of making the console pink of course," said House. Cool Story Bro... hasn't stopped ya' before... hahahaha this option alone may account for the literal explosion of mobile devices.... genius! =D
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    Who has a brag worthy machine?

    Well this is an interesting thread... let's see... OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit GPU: 2x GeForce 450 GTS SLi 1.0Ghz Core / 2.142Ghz Mem @ 1.15V (modified VRM and Ram Sinks) CPU: AMD Phenom II 965 C3 @ 4.125 Ghz (16.5x250 HT Link 2.0 Ghz) RAM: G.Skill DDR 3 8 Gig @ 833.3/NB 2.750 Ghz @ 1.5V w/...