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    I'm tired of playing violent games.

    Play Kirby's Epic Yarn. :D It's about as violent and two puppies wrestling.
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    Quantum Levitation: The Coolest Science You'll See Today

    Give me my hover board damn it!
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    Trailers: Saints Row 3 - Murder Time Fun Time

    WOW. I just became interested in this game.
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    The Big Picture: Night of the Lepus

    I've.... actually seen this before on the sci-fi channel...
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    Who would you turn gay for?

    Thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out.
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    Who would you turn gay for?

    I expected a lot more hate and ignorance in this thread from guys too insecure with their sexuality to admit when another guy is hot. I mean, there's some there, but I am greatly surprised at how little there is.
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    Who would you turn gay for?

    No way. Gideon was much hotter.... I want nothing to do with any guy's junk, not even his, but this man is INSANELY attractive to me!
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    Dante Kicks It Old School In Devil May Cry HD Collection

    You are in for a treat. DMC 1 and 3 are the best games of the series. 3 is one of my all time favorite games. Great music, game play, memorable characters.
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    Student Animation

    That's some good constructive criticism. I'll pass this on to her.
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    Who would you turn gay for?

    Hugh Laurie makes me wish I were bi.
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    Student Animation

    Because she was a lesbian with no interest and he was annoying. As for the sketching, she liked the look and kept it in in the final version rather than cleaning it all out.
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    Student Animation

    Well after reading all the comments she has resolved to re-do the audio at some point. But after spending hours on it each day for months, at the moment she can't stand the sight of it and flips out whenever I watch it. So it would have to be after the sight of it stops disgusting her.
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    More Student Animations

    Well since I shared my girlfriend's animation, I should share the other animations from our film festival. Watch and feel your brain melt.
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    Student Animation

    Have you ever heard college students in an audio booth reading dialog? It's PAINFUL to hear. Besides she says "I wanted to do pantomime, like in the Wally movie where everything is expressed physically. We are encouraged to do that."
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    Student Animation

    She says "Awww thank you! I'm glad to hear my style doesn't just look anime, which is what I normally hear."