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    What have gamers got against regenerating health?

    The advantage of regenerating health is that the combat can be tuned to be faster and more lethal more easily. You have a reasonable expectation of how long the player can live in a given circumstance, because you can assume they'll be at full health transitioning from fight to fight. The...
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    Valve Hiring For Help With Hardware

    Sounds more like they're trying to develop peripherals for PCs and consoles.
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    In Defense of Hepler Mode

    Two things on the "recent Hepler controversy": One, the image that sparked it is actually pretty old, like at least a few years old. Two, skipping the gameplay in a game is basically saying "I want to read a book/watch a movie." If the experience is designed so you can skip the parts of a...
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    Syndicate Gets Gimmicky

    "I also can't be certain but I think the game managed to interpret its own audio as me making a dialogue choice at one point" Yes. It does do this. I've had it happen too.
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    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Review

    Vanguards once again prove to be the master race in MP. Only snipers with heavy rifles or Asari adepts can really compete with a Vanguard that's hit its stride. I feel sorry for Sentinels though. They're extremely weak compared to every other class. At least the human ones have Throw.
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    Jimquisition: Mass Effect 3 And The Case For A Gay Shepard

    Honestly, I have more of a problem with boning everything under the sun than I do what gender it is that's being boned. But then, I'm pretty open minded with my sexuality. But Shepard is just following in James T. Kirk's footsteps. Or if you look at the timelines, setting the bar for Kirk.
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    What would it take to tople WoW from its throne?

    WoW is its own worst enemy. It'll kill itself, if anything.
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    Is punishing a kid consider abuse?

    I find a lot of these threads debating what Mr. Jordan did rather silly, especially in light of the post on Facebook he made in response to the Dallas Fox affiliate. Honestly, people are going to be debating this for months and months, when it's already been effectively resolved for him and his...
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    Just played the Mass Effect 3 demo: Here are my thoughts.

    I played the Vanguard and Soldier, and they pretty much played exactly like they did in ME2. The 'tutorial' level is pretty straightforward, but the second level is a bit more varied than most ME2 maps were. That said, they were both awfully small. Also, the scavenger hunt stuff from ME2 is...
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    Just played the Mass Effect 3 demo: Here are my thoughts.

    After having played ME3's demo, I have to say...the new GoW-like aspects are pretty poorly implemented. Evasive rolls are slow and don't move you very far, and there's lots of walls that look large enough to provide cover that don't. I like that there's a bit more development in the skill trees...
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    Pokemon teams: Do you always use starters?

    They do. On average, the starter's final forms have total stats of around 530. Most of the Pokemon with higher stats are Legendary. However, being monotype usually limits their effectiveness. Or in the case of Charizard's dual type, severe weaknesses (4x rock, gogo)
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    Poll: Why Don't Games Use D&D Alignment for Moral Choice?

    I've heard more chaotic stupid stories from CE, so let's just say they both are. "Why did you kill that guy?" "lol chaotic evil!" "I burn down the village, lol chaotic evil!"
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    Poll: Why Don't Games Use D&D Alignment for Moral Choice?

    1.) Most games use binary moral choice (Good/Bad, Renegade/Paragon, etc.) because adding options doubles or triples the amount of dialog you have to record and the amount of coding you have to do. Having nine distinct options would be a nightmare, even if you could overlap things in a few...
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    AMY's Doesn't Suck. It's Just Hard.

    Thought process: "Well, if it works for Demon/Dark Souls..."
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    Interplay Loses Rights to Fallout MMO

    Let's be honest now. The entire point of the Fallout series was that the player was mostly alone against the wastes, never fitting in where they went, but still being one of the most influential figures in post-apocalyptica. How is dumping 3000 other people in a server really going to...