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    Is this the Best E3 in Years?

    Considering all the bombs dropped, it's a bit short-sighted to think that this won't be one of the most fondly remembered E3s of all time. Forget about The Last Guardian or the FF7 remake, Nier fucking two!!!!
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    Exclusively there's very few, yeah, but you'll notice on any big ASMRtist's channel the videos with innuendo, sexual references or undertones, or even just with cleavage tend to get more hits. Granted there are degrees to how sexual their approaches are but I still wouldn't discount interest in...
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    I still remember your thread, I'm pretty sure it was your thread, from a few years back that introduced me to it. Cheers. P.S. You left out SoftAnnaPL [].
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    April Fools jokes that kicked you in the gut

    MF DOOM and Flying Lotus collab being a joke kicked me in the gut, especially the El-P and Thom Yorke features which I'll admit made it obvious it was a joke.
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    8 Ridiculously Underrated Games

    Almost a perfect list, Bioshock 2 is also my favourite, but Nier should have been included.
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    8 Games that Have Amazing Stories

    But where is Nier? Otherwise, a pretty damn safe list.
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    Congratulations, Marter!

    Congratulations dude, hope they treat you well!
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    The best day of your life so far.

    Hard to narrow it down to one but to be honest you could pick any day where I chilled out with my mates and call it a best day.
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    Escapist Editors in the Midst of an Exodus?! -Updated-

    How things change over the years. The Escapist was my e-home for the good part of the first half of my teenage years, sucks to see these familiar names get laid off, and this community lose steam. Granted I moved on a few years ago but it's still lame to see this site in such a state.
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    Do you listen to game soundtracks when you browse online?

    Oddly specific to ask when browsing online, I listen to game soundtracks all the time if they fit the mood I'm in. Hotline Miami, Lone Survivor, quite a few indie games have great soundtracks you can just put on and listen.
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    The Big Picture: Top 10 Movies of 2014

    Where's Nightcrawler? One of the most well directed films of the year with an amazing performance from Jake Gyllenhaal.
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    No Right Answer: Is Avatar an Anime?

    They're in his books Understanding Comics and Making Comics. They should be in your local libraries's system or you can just buy them; they're really insightful reads if you enjoy reading comics, manga, or whatever. If that's not an option for you, just send me a PM.
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    What is your AOTY?

    clppng by clipping for sure. I haven't fallen in love with an album on the first listen for a while.
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    No Right Answer: Is Avatar an Anime?

    Scott Mcloud has done a few great analysis's on the differences between manga and western comics. Granted this is about their animated counterpart mediums but it'd be interesting to see a discussion about this topic that goes beyond where it was made or who it was made for.