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    I'm thinking on getting PS Vita. Any Recommendations?

    Just wanted to correct this... Disgaea 5 and Persona 5 aren't coming to the Vita. Disgaea 5 is PS4-only, Persona 5 will have a PS3 and a PS4 version. SK:EV (I'm assuming this means Senran Kagura: Estival Versus?) will have a Vita version, however.
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    I Miss the PS2 Days/7th generation (WITH DISCUSSION VALUE)

    I, too, frequently feel nostalgic about the PS2 days, but I do remember that it's just that: Nostalgia. For all the problems the industry might have today, it's nonsensical to suggest that everything was rosy in those days, that bad and/or broken games didn't exist back then. Shovelware wasn't...
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    PSA: Xenoblade Chronicles Is Now Available on European Wii U Virtual Console

    That's probably because the 3DS version is exclusive for the New 3DS. There are probably more people in the world who still have an original Wii to play Xenoblade on than there are people with a New 3DS. As for Metroid... Yes, it did. Here's hoping the same happens to Xenoblade's physical Wii...
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    PSA: Xenoblade Chronicles Is Now Available on European Wii U Virtual Console

    Since most games media only report on the American eShop, I thought I should let you guys know that Xenoblade Chronicles is now available on the Wii U in Europe, through the Virtual Console. It's ?20/£18 (Physical copies generally sell for ?100+ nowadays) and buying it in the first week nets you...
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    RPG? CRPG?

    I can't comment on Pillars of Eternity, but be warned that Divinity: Original Sin does not waste any time telling you what to do. At all. You create your characters, you view a cutscene and then you're dumped into the world without any further guidance. As a newcomer to the cRPG genre myself, I...
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    Dead Island 2 : Deep Silver and Yager part ways. (Edit: Yager files for insolvency.)

    As much as I appreciate Deep Silver's dedication to making sure their games have both physical and digital copies available, it's rather laughable that they cite "quality concerns" as the main reason for their repurposing of Dead Island 2. This is the publisher that brought us Ride to Hell...
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    Harry Shearer Returning to The Simpsons

    If he did end up renewing his contract before the new season went into production, is it appropriate to say that he "returned"? I mean, technically, he never really left... Eh, nitpicks. Anyway. This news is... wait for it... EXCELLENT.
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    D'you have a Jirachi available for trade, or another event Pokémon that isn't Deoxys, Celebi, Shaymin or Arceus? If so, please feel free to shoot me a PM, for I've got a spare (and legit, don't worry) Darkrai on my Pokémon X.
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    Games you stopped playing

    Shadow of the Colossus. I know, heresy. Even though there are so many people who absolutely gush over this game, I just didn't get it. The controls were not particularly intuitive to me (I kept falling off monsters before I could stabbity-stab them, and I still don't know why) and the story was...
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    Marvel's Post-Secret Wars Comic Line-Up Revealed

    I don't know, guys. The tagline "Parent by day, hero by night" suggests to me that Spider-Woman has already given birth by the time her storyline starts, but... ehhh. We'll see, I guess.
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    Kingdom Hearts series as it REALLY that perfect?

    The HD Remasters for the PS3 fix most of your issues. There's a new easy mode, the graphics are (obviously) better, the camera is controlled with the right stick instead of the triggers and there is a minimap. Music is subjective, of course, and the menu-based combat really isn't so bad when you...
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    Game of Thrones season 5 - Your thoughts now that it's over

    Like BloatedGuppy said before me, I've never pretended that my personal opinions are the objective truth. When I call the show's changes unjustified and unnecessary, I mean that I think they're unjustified and unnecessary. I'm not going to add an opinion disclaimer every single time I use such...
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    Game of Thrones season 5 - Your thoughts now that it's over

    There's a world of difference between pruning the source material to make it more compatible for television as medium and making completely unnecessary changes that are, as I said, about the same quality as fanfiction. Okay, as much as I dislike their decision to do it, I can understand leaving...
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    Game of Thrones season 5 - Your thoughts now that it's over

    Well, I guess. It's just that I was under the (not terribly unreasonable) impression that the show was meant to be an adaptation of the books, instead of what is basically televised fanfiction.
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    Game of Thrones season 5 - Your thoughts now that it's over

    Aaaagh, this is just so frustrating! I'd argue that Victarion and Euron were some of the most interesting new additions to the cast, but no, the showrunners did-- You know what, I was going to write a huge diatribe, but I'm not even going to bother. I'd just be repeating your points, really...