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    There's A Pony Of Everything

    LOL Thanks! We're both big fans of Disgaea. Here's a pic of when she made him a paper mache samurai helmet.
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    Truly Shameless Product Placements in Film

    LOL It may have worked on me too... Well... back before I started shaving my head. Was totally in love with head and shoulders. XD
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    EA Chief John Riccitiello Still Isn't Fired

    I agree. If you take him out of being the CEO he'll go on to ruining some other company. Better to take one for the team and keep him on until the company crashes and burns.
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    EA Agrees to Settlement in Antitrust Suit

    Football games were their bottomless pit of money. After screwing over their RPG fans with Mass Effect and DA2 (which I don't get at all. I really liked DA2. Not as good as DA1 but by far not a bad game at all. But, none the less, it's trendy to hate it right now) Could this be the beginning...
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    There's A Pony Of Everything

    My girlfriend is a complete Brony. She's been doin ponies of her favorite youtube Let's Play people. All art owned by Chesterblover.
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    Kitten found buried alive in concrete.

    Actually I'd save an animal over a person I don't know. It would be different if I knew the person, yeah, and I would never put the person in danger to begin with, I'm not a sociopath. But I've been put through too much crap by people, and watched too much Fox News, to feel any value in human...
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    Poll: So, Depressed Much?

    Not lately actually! I've started taking vitamin B. It increases your metabolism. I've had more energy, lost a bit of weight, and felt generally good. Turns your pee bright yellow though...
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    So Dragon Age 3.... No Pressure?

    Or it could be like the Devil May Cry games. First one was great, second one bombed, third one was fantastic. It's Bioware for cryin out loud. I like DA2, not as much as DA1 and yes they bombed on the ME3 ending but that's no reason to count out a company with as much of a history for excellent...
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    So the EU just ruled that it's legal to re-sell digital versions of games.

    Yes because I needed that mental image in my head! lol :)
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    The movie that made you cry the hardest

    I started reading the Watership Down book this week. 3/4ths of the way through and it's not really sad so far. I think the movie was made to be more sad than the book.... Plenty of time for that to change though. Maybe the book saves all the deaths for the end.
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    The movie that made you cry the hardest

    That whole Trigun series was just sad. It starts out as a comedy to get you to like the characters, then it starts destroying their lives. I love that show. :( Damn it I need to watch Trigun again now. Sometimes it feels good to cry. Can't cry over your life. Gotta stay strong. Feels good...
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    Is Indoctrination Theory dead

    I haven't and probably will never see the new endings. I've seen the old one once and that was enough for me. When I get to the part where we see the ghost kid I just shut the game off and say "And they all lived happily ever after". Because, up to that very moment, I loved every moment of the...
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    What is Obamacare?

    Well, it's expected, that the cost of health insurance will plummet when it becomes mandatory for everyone. Right now health insurance is very expensive. The reason why being that no one wants to buy it until they get sick. So there's a large percentage of people taking more out than what...
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    What do women find attractive? (Men only)

    Well I watched this show where they were scientifically studying what attracts people to each other. Warning: These are broad generalizations. What scientist have found that attracts women to men. Basically it boils down to "Do you have features that would make for having lots of happy...
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    Aliens Colonial Marines playable female marine petition

    This is my first time hearing about this game, but yeah, the movies were all about women kicking alien ass. Why on earth would you exclude that from the multiplayer?