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    Escape to the Movies: Daybreakers

    great, was checking to see if it was a good movie Now I'm going to see it, buy the DVD,get a blu ray player, get the bluray version with EXTRA blood, then make every twilight fan come to my house tie them to chairs and force them to watch it. when that's over I will say "That good people is...
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    There Will Be Brawl: Episode 10

    ok so wat happened to samus's eye, ike she looked great at the end but she was wearin an eyepatch and I didn't srr her get hit.
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    There Will Be Brawl: Episode 10

    Well written, though what happened to Samus's eye. the ending was good I'm asuming kirby's phone call was a joke. What was that thing on the nintendo building, some mutant octopus.
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    Poll: X-Box Originals Bugs

    No I downloaded the Original Fable from the X-Box live Market Place
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    Poll: X-Box Originals Bugs

    I downloaded the original Fable but when I did my other games started to glitch Fable 2 lost all its memory I lost all my DLC (Even for Other games like Oblivion). Has this happened to you if so would deleting Fable help fix my game.
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 29: The Reason Behind the *****

    Guess the Brain scramble separated his right hand into a new brain, we don't know what it really did. Also this backstory is nice but can the next episode advance the plot since now we know that Gladice and Big worm are aliens alien Big Pete is some kind of robot, now can we get some story going.
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    There Will Be Brawl: There Will Be Brawl: On Set

    The part where Becky young said "Make sure to catch the final episode nd you might see a bit more of this" that was a little.... well I'm sure she was joking,she was joking right.
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 22

    is god mode still working evn so the dice lord was right, they turned on another.
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    There Will Be Brawl: Episode Nine

    Well from what I know if samus breaks a smash ball she gets her Varia suit back. which was taken by The spaceman that ball in his hand was a smash ball so he can do his Final Smash. Weird thing is Samus's final smash is supposedly so powerful it breaks her suit, so when she does another Fiala...
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    There Will Be Brawl: Episode Nine

    amusing thing about samus, is her being a stripper isn't to far fetched In the first metroid she was supposed to be a guy at the end "he" would remove the helmet but it could have been a guy with a crazy hairdo, unless you beat the game fast enough then she removes the armour revealing a pink...
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    There Will Be Brawl: Episode Nine

    Also Your bruises were changed, In episode 7 you had a cut on your right cheek and a bruise on the left in Episdoe 9 theres just a bruise on the left cheek which is fading away.
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    There Will Be Brawl: Episode Nine

    ok It was mostly your hair and the scar makeup, but there is something else, your expression but then thats becuase we never see samus sad, or confused. but under that there is a slight difference. but maybe I'm seeing things.
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    There Will Be Brawl: Episode Nine

    This one was Dark, Whoever the butcher is he must be old. Is it just me or does Samus look different. That pill from Gannon It was "Enough firepower to stop the competition." so wheres the other pill and why does Zelda have it.
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    Escape to the Movies: New Moon

    Why is there so much advertising for it. this series is going by faster than Harry Potter, And I actually liked that series a bit, I actually opened Twilight and read a random sentence on 3 separate pages, 20 points for whoever guesses what I found.
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 26: Friendship and Cat Crap

    Big Pete might come back to life, my favorite part is how Steve decides to forgive cuddles though his crap can't be too bad since big worms turns it into cookies