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    LEGO Unveils Brick-tastic Star Wars Tribute Posters

    of all things, why is Lando's headshot missing from the Return of the Jedi version?
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    Escape to the Movies: Jupiter Ascending - Tries But Fails

    that's really quite disappointing, ever since seeing the first trailer I was thinking "wow, the only people I'd trust to do something that far out there and with this much scale is the Wachoski's" It's a shame the studio system seems to have disrupted the full potential. Wonder if we'd ever be...
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    8 Doctor Who Episodes You'll Like Even if You Hate Doctor Who

    Nevermind Waters of Mars (good though it is), why the heck isn't Midnight on that list?!?! A very understated episode that relies entirely on claustrophobia and the intense interaction between two actors. It doesn't even matter to the story who the Doctor is, just that he's smart, curious and a...
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    Uncivil War: AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAA!!! - Parachute Plunge Challenge!

    Evita take-off followed by Peter Andre? brilliant =D
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    No Right Answer: Best Way to Watch TV - Binge Viewing or Week to Week?

    Really the answer is British telly. Ignoring soaps, gameshows, etc. - when it comes to proper drama, the British format is to script and shoot a whole series at once, often months before airing - sure that means our series are 6 or 12 episodes generally, but they will always have a strongly...
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    MGM Seeks Director For WarGames Remake

    I can see it now, the world hangs in the balance over how accurately some dumb teen can fling an AngryBird.
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    Star Wars Gets the Guardians of the Galaxy Treatment in This Must-Watch Trailer

    man, we really need more irreverently silly proper genre action comedies unlike the stupid dross we get these days like those damn "Movie" Movies
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    Jimquisition: The FarCry Racism Adventure

    Frankly just the idea that Ubisoft, probably THE most globally international set of studios, would promote racism is just laughably stupid.
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    No Right Answer: "Greatest" Movie Ever Made

    that was a fun setup, should do it again in future for games, tv shows etc.
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    Game of Thrones: Power Shift

    having not read or watched any Game of Thrones, I thought the whole point was everyone dies?
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    What Happened at GAME_JAM?

    I think you're kind of misrepresenting things in this article frankly. Jared Rosen's "Most Expensive Game Jam" article (which I had previously read a week or two ago) is much more detailed and even-handed. It wasn't that Polaris/Maker were just trying to make cheap crap - it was the one really...
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    Feed Dump: Man Delivers Baby Porcupine

    this Things On My Head episode had an awfully long intro sequence... Is it just me or does Paul look beefier too?
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    The Colbert Retort

    This whole thing just makes me think of HG Wells' amazing "The Sleep Awakes", in which speeches by officials have been reduced down to "the word" - short 3-6 word headline-grabbing sentences.
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    Senator Leland Yee Arrested On Corruption Charges

    y'know, I never did quite understand the rigorous fight you Americans had against criminalising the sale of M rated games to minors. In the UK it's just an accepted thing that BFCC ratings are legally binding for the retailer to abide by - i.e. an 18 rated game cannot knowingly be sold directly...
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    Cult Warhammer Game Mordheim Resurrects on the PC

    There was an official Mordheim expansion ruleset at one point that transferred the setting to war bands exploring and looting the ruins of Lustria. If memory serves, just about the only then-current factions that didn't appear in original Mordheim itself were Wood Elves, Lizardmen and Tomb...