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    Poll: New Forum Rules: Yay or Nay?

    Well I'd intended to give up posting any more at The Escapist, but I'm hoping this might be the proper venue to air my grievances where they might actually be heard. So for one night only.... This has become a bone of contention with me this month as well. If a site allows it's content...
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    To Hell With Comments

    Well as one who didn't get offended by Yahtzee's article, I still feel this response by a forum mod is rather unprofessionally hostile. I think I'll take Yahtzee's comment about the only benefit of commenting being the enjoyment of the commenter, and your less than professional response to...
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    To Hell With Comments

    In all fairness I personally believe what Yahtzee is actually ranting about is the current trend for game companies to try to shoehorn some kind of interconnected social networking horseshit into every gaming experience. Something that for most people IS absolutely fucking useless. I get this...
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    To Hell With Comments

    Hmmm .. er... well ..uh... this is awkward after reading that. Oh well. Guess instead of the pithy pointless twatty comment I was going to make I'll just read you all a bit from The Great Gatsby instead. "It was when curiosity about Gatsby was at its highest that the lights in his house...
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    Are we ever optimistic about anything anymore?

    Well my optimism about the continuing growth of general cynicism is growing by leaps and bounds.
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    Is it normal to think in a language that's not your native language?

    Normal? No it's a bit unusual. Nothing bad about it though and in fact I feel it's a healthy mental exercise. With the added benefit of helping you to steal the worlds fastest fighter jet. (Clint Eastwood reference) Er ... well nothing bad about it unless it's a strange language such as...
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    Update: Hackers Bring Down LoL, DoTA 2, Blizzard, EA Servers

    Well the good news is this kind of thing will stop once the clueless general internet using public spinelessly give up their rights and let "Big Brother" take over. Oh wait, actually it won't stop, but I'll bet the whole spineless giving away of freedoms will continue as planned. Thanks a...
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    Mighty No. 9 Heroine's Design Revealed from Community Vote

    Well I suppose they could have given it huge heaving jiggly breasts, a giant jiggly ass, and a robo-thong so you could tell it's female. But honestly why would anyone try to delineate a battle bot's gender in the first place? Oh right because it's fictional and exists solely for the...
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    Jaxxyn Wood, 12, Stays Up to Play Games, Saves Family from Fire

    Wait wait wait. Good on saving his family and all that, but the article writer left out the most important details. What game, what gaming system and what was the kid's score? I mean I'm all ready to celebrate this brave little guy's heroism, but not until I find out if he's in the dirty filthy...
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    Dogecoin Community Raises Money For Victims Of Christmas Hack

    Hey I'll put some money down on the Miley Cyrus "Twerkingball" bitcoin when it happens if that's the case.
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    These Sharks Use Twitter To Warn Swimmers Of Their Approach

    'bout twenty seconds. Forty before the first nimrod decides to go and make fiends with them only to "become one with the sharks" in a very different way than intended.
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    These Sharks Use Twitter To Warn Swimmers Of Their Approach

    Well I'm not surprised. Meteors get a bad rap. I'm sure they haven't killed all that many swimmers per year, and even then they were usually provoked. Bleh. You just reminded me of that ghastly meteor disaster film from the 70s. Now I'm going to have to go track down a copy to expunge the...
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    These Sharks Use Twitter To Warn Swimmers Of Their Approach

    Yes, yes. But just try telling the next shark that attacks you that he is a statistical anomaly and is mucking up the reputation of all sharks. Let's see how well that works.
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    Rhymes With Mitty

    Well while I love the Danny Kaye adaptation, James Thurber didn't. He was annoyed that Samuel Goldwyn had the story altered to better fit with Kaye's known comedic strengths. With the Stiller adaptation I was hoping they'd try to stick closer to the short story but sadly it sounds like they did...
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    Battlefield 4: China Rising Gets Banned in China

    Whatever China. Shouldn't you be busy with your plan to turn the Moon into the Deathstar instead of worrying about this pointless crap?