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    Zero Punctuation: Overwatch vs Battleborn

    Kinda confused when he mentioned the price point.. battleborn is 60 usd while overwatch is 40?
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    What game do you keep coming back to?

    DKC1-3, LOZ:ocarina of time and LOZ:majoras mask, SMW and super meat boy.
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    Valve bans Game Developer from Steamworks for pointing out a vulnerability

    Actually it's more like he first sent a note to the bank saying that you can break in and notes on how to break into their bank. They send you back that they trust their customers not to break into their bank. Then he breaks in and leaves a note.
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    Tinned beans or tinned spaghetti?

    Beans. Making spaghetti yourself is quite fast.
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    When's the last time you read books like these?

    I agree, and actually reading a book because a black person wrote it is racist. When it comes to non english/norwegian books i tend to read french, russian, german or japanese. I don't read nearly as much as I want to though.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Raid 2 - Brutally Intense, Action-Filled, And Very Good

    They don't show this here so i'll probably have to wait for the dvd release. Q_Q Also "then he breaks out the baseballs" can not wait.
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    How did you learn Mathematics?

    Never really needed much teacher help in math. I just pretty much did (some of) the homework assigned and then was able to do maths. A lot of the questions were pretty repetitive in elementary school so i remember me and a friend doing half of the problems each and then copying the other half...
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    Terry Cavanagh Makes Bass-Soaked Flappy Bird Tribute

    Leave it up to Terry to make a good flappy birds game. :p
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    Don't Recommend Me an Anime

    Or if you prefer anime, just skip the filler.
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    Poll: Would we all be cool with a female Link?

    For me they would have to have a good reason for doing it, just doing it for the sake of doing it wouldn't be enough.
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    Jimquisition: Shaming PC Ports Because Why Not?

    I get kinda mad at the developers when a spokesperson for the game says some simple feature was impossible to implement, and then have that same feature implemented within a week by the community.
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    Jim Sterling Leaves Destructoid (UPDATE: Jim Joins The Escapist!)

    The first thing i thought was: what is going to happen to podtoid. Seems like he's remaking the podcast with the new name "the dismal jesters". :D
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    Payday 2 Sells 1.58 Million Copies, Most Are Digital Sales

    yeah i agree while it's fantastic it's still lacking. there's not really that many missions, and a lot of assets are borrowed across missions. Also there's tons of bugs in the game. playing it with friends is incredible fun though and for £30 it's definitely worth it. I really wish they would...
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    A hypothetical question, especially for the atheists and skeptics in the audience...

    the problem with the question is why would you rate that more likely than anything else? to me the answer of the question is just everything. everything is as likely to be influenced by something supernatural if it did exist.
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    A hypothetical question, especially for the atheists and skeptics in the audience...

    i can easily prove the last one: if something works or not depends on if you can use it for what you want to, you are using a computer so obviously it works. we can also prove you need air (or oxygen to be specific) because you would die if we denied you access to it. proving if computers are...