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    Critical Miss: Spice Effect

    blue alien penis in second to last frame
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    Critical Miss: Subtle Parallels

    Fapped to frame number 2. Hawt.
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    292: The Husband & Wife Videogame Super Team

    This article was less "OMG WARM AND FUZZY" and more "Uhhhhhh?" If you are honestly telling me that you couldn't figure out portal or braid, then you must also be admitting that your brain does not have a fully functioning right hemisphere. Then again, the left side also controls logic, so...
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    Anne Hathaway announced as Catwoman for Dark Knight Rises!

    Princess Diaries, Alice in Wonderland, Devil Wears Prada, Get Smart, Batman Takes a Bow. What do those movies have in common? They are all terrible movies made worse by Anne Hathaway's terrible acting, which is only slightly worse than just how wrecked she looks. Would not hit, will not see.
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    HELP! Exam in 8 hours, what do I do?

    Your only option is sex for an A.
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    Man Forgot Loaded Handgun in His Carry-On, TSA Forgot To Notice

    Well, anyone who claims the TSA is racist is officially full of shit. An Iranian-American gets through with a gun, no problem. If they were as racist as everyone says, he would have been strip searched at the door.
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    Critical Miss: Kanyecraft

    Actually, you can build a stone generator and a tree farm, and never run out of materials. On the other hand, Iron is limited so it is best used to make other things that youll need because if you play a world long enough, youll be searching for 2 or 3 blocks most of the way across your world.
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    Critical Miss: Kanyecraft

    brilliant. I wonder how they got diamonds that many levels above bedrock?
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    Gearbox Worried Duke Nukem Too Crude For ESRB

    Will not buy. Its going to be nothing than a shoddy console port with 60FOV default and im going to have to mess with my .ini to actually make it playable. I learned my lesson with borderlands.
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    Mine all Minecraft

    Actually every other thing he complained about was a form of DRM. He only explicitly stated DRM 2 times, but really he mentioned it 4 or 5
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    Mine all Minecraft

    Oblivion with guns.
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    Valve: Everything We Do Competes Against Half-Life 2

    Except its not going to be a budget title. They are already saying this is a full stand alone game. Expect $50 PC and $60 Consoles.
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    Critical Miss: #18

    I despise this comic and eagerly await it getting canceled.
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    The Escapist Staff's Summer Picks: Russ

    How has it taken you this long to play Uplink? Its one of my favorites, and far better than Darwinia or Defcon.
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    Stolen Pixels #208: Nine Bullets

    If you had trouble conserving ammo in this game, you...are just that bad. This was the easiest RE game yet and ammo was more plentiful than the zombies. The only ammo shortage was for like 5 minutes right after you find the magnum.