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    Jimquisition: Rise Of The Exclusivity Wars

    In general I don't like exclusives at all. I don't mind timed exclusives as much, but do they REALLY need to have them? There are those who will NEVER buy the console these exclusives are on. A PS4 player may never buy an XB1, but I'm sure they might buy games that would otherwise be...
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    XCom: The Board Game Needs You, Commander

    well I WAS excited about an Xcom board game, since a few ppl I work with and I do a board game night. Requiring an electronic device to accompany the game kinda kills it though. Wish they would have made it board game only.
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    The Escapist Presents: 10 Goofy Goat Things to Do In Goat Simulator

    I played goat simulator and I actually find it fun, and it's 10 bucks. I've been way more upset for spending less money on games that the developer actually recommended buying. I didn't buy it to jump on a bandwagon, or to make a statement or whatever. I bought it because it actually kinda...
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    NYCC 2013: Cosplay Gallery - Day 2

    on #11 I can name Arya and Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, and Joffrey Baratheon... but I don't know who the other girl is supposed to be. If I were to guess I'd say she's supposed to be Cierce Lannister.
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    The Big Picture: The Big Letdown

    Because we are hoping that it gets better. We hope that it's worth watching, we just end up getting disappointed. Don't get me wrong, many of the Big Pictures and movie reviews are great to watch. I follow them because for the most part, I like them. I just don't like all of them, so the ones...
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    Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Official Announcement Trailer

    Blizzard needs to make a feature length film... they really make nice cinematics.
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    Europa Universalis IV Review - It Ain't Broke

    I played the demo, and I've put a lot of time into crusader kings 2. I didn't like the lack of characters and dynasty... it was one of the best parts of CK2 for me. On the other hand, it does have a lot of stuff you can do, and you can actually look at the laws you've passed, unlike when...
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    Analyst: Xbox One Could Outship PS4 3-to-1

    Major QFT. A massive supply train means jack all if nobody buys the damn things. With the massive PR disaster that the Xbone has created with it's launch, coupled with a higher pricetag, the PS4 has a pretty good advantage for this console generation.
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    No Right Answer: Best Sunday Comic

    I thought the fan theory that Calvin grew up to be Ed Norton's character in Fight Club was a fun read. I was really rooting for Calvin and Hobbes to win this one. At least it was a tie.
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    Jimquisition: Fun & Priorities

    I've heard a good way to get door to door preachers to leave you alone is tell them you're excommunicated. Sounds like it'd work. More OT: never really thought about the difference between putting something in there to sell a game... always kinda rolled with the assumption that fun was...
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    Anime: Now vs Then

    well.... on CGI in modern anime Ghost in the Shell - CGI/anime mixed RIGHT. Looks good and works well for the show. I can't think of a lot of the newer anime that uses CGI poorly because usually I shut them off and try to forget them. They look terrible, some of it looks totally out of...
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    Zero Punctuation: Fuse

    is it just me or at 3:08 it almost looks like he drew himself doing a boob grab
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    Trailers: World of Tanks - E3 Xbox 360 Trailer

    So are they going to play on the same servers with the current playerbase?
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    Movie Defense Force: Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

    Pinhead had a good side? Been a long time since I saw a hellraiser film, because I don't remember that.
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    Pacific rim people. Get some excitement going :)

    A couple of things about this movie knock my enthusiasm for it down. 1- Rocket punch... really? I've always thought this was a stupid thing regardless of where it was used. 2- (this is last I heard, so it may be inacurate or changed... I really hope I'm wrong on this) The control scheme is...